chinese water torture

Recently I was trapped in a thirty four thousand seat arena for over three hours. How’s that?  You say. My unfortunate and unlikely predicament stemmed from the location of our seats at the Navy football game in Annapolis, MD.  Almost immediately, we realized we were sitting in the alumni section, directly in front of three graduates who were back in town for their twenty-year homecoming reunion. Cool, right? Um, no. We discovered all this information in a matter of minutes,Read more

Everything you might never want to know (about gnats)

“How big is your infestation?” Are these not some of the scariest words you might ever hear? “It could have qualified as an eleventh plague” I reply into the phone, “There is a cloud of biblical proportions everywhere I go.” Then Mike, the chatty bug expert, walks me through the entire life cycle of this particular species of gnat, commonly known as a fruit fly. Being early fall, you might be well acquainted with them, too? Mike brightly details everything I wouldRead more

Chicken Quartet?

The time is precisely 4:10am. “This is terrible.” I hear David mutter and I think he’s talking in his sleep.  He gets out of bed, paces around a little. Before he shuts the creaky farm windows,  I am privileged to hear it, too. A rooster is crowing.  The sound is not unlike an enthusiastic, sixth-grade trumpet player who’s just been given permission to blow into his instrument for the first time. The very, very bad brass solo is coming fromRead more

It just slipped out…

It just slipped out. “…Well…you know…I’m a Texas girl”.  I shrugged meekly, as if that explained everything. Wow.  That was a weird answer to “So, how do you like it here?” posed by a kind stranger standing at my elbow in the check-out line. I think it had to do with the wind today.  Blowing from the west, it whipped our red, blue and lone white star banner, and I sat in the welcome morning sun and watched it withRead more

Waiting Underground

Monday’s index cards read: “Clean Coop”, “Compost?” and “Plant bulbs”. Easy choice.  Out to the flower beds I go! Yep, these are some of the same beds that were crawling with poison ivy and mocking weeds just a few months ago when we arrived at the farm.  The weeds aren’t so haughty now, I must say. It’s a strange thing to wait half a year for something to arrive, isn’t it?   I consider this while stamping my boot down firmly overRead more