Are We More Spiritual Than God?

I was asked this week about the Hunger Games. Did I read the book? Did my boys? Would I allow them to see the movie?

My friend was wrestling hard. She had been given a verbal smack-down by a peer for allowing her young teens to read the books. How could she? She was feeling irresponsible and low – flailing in a pool of parental guilt.

Full of empathy and understanding, I started to laugh.

Why is it easier to be more religious than God? Are we not free?

Saints, all truth really is God’s truth.

Let’s help one another lighten our burdens; we need not be more spiritual than God.

Do we know our children well? What is it, exactly, we would hope they know in their deepest places when they leave home?

One of my teens was thrilled by the Hunger Games book when he read it a few years ago (age 14). It captured his imagination; made him think and chatter, and he couldn’t wait to see the movie. This son found great delight in it all and we’ve enjoyed a host of discussions around the table many a night.

My second son says he enjoyed the book, but in a different way. Parts of it sat weighty on his soul, illuminating questions he hadn’t considered prior to reading the story. This young man doesn’t have the same zeal to see it brought to life in the movie, and we all agree there would be little further enjoyment for him to do so.

I’ve read the book and enjoyed it immensely. The jury is out if I will see the film.

I hope my children will fly from home unafraid and discerning; knowing that all beauty, excellence and truth points to their Creator.

Can you believe the burden God places on us? We have been unleashed to take joy into every corner of culture and nature.

We are asked daily to enjoy and carry joy wherever we goSheesh. What a task-master!

Peace to you as you enjoy any excellence you see or read today,


14 responses to Are We More Spiritual Than God?

  1. Linda Gupton says:

    Kim — thank you for being a breath of fresh air in a Christian culture that often seems more influenced by the Pharisees than by Christ.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bless you…for speaking TRUTH and GRACE and JOY!!!!

  3. Kristin Stanley says:

    Bless you Kim…for speaking TRUTH and GRACE and JOY!!!

  4. Barbs says:

    Love your wisdom, and great pics on this post. I am a friend of your cousin, Kim, in Zimbabwe.

  5. I am a 65yo grandmother of 14; and have walked with Jesus since a child. When hearing that my then 13yo grandson had enjoyed reading these books, I borrowed them and read. Although I had a difficult time imagining it all, I was captivated and read each book! I may not go to the theater to see the film – but I don’t doubt that I will see it when the video comes out 😉 I was asked about the value of the books also, and I see no cause for alarm that our kids are reading and watching this story! It is a story with young heroes, rising up against an evil culture, when many had lost hope and strength. It could lead one to question the future of our own culture and whether we will have the courage to rise up …. and turn to the one who is The Way!

  6. Given Breath says:

    You are one SERIOUSLY cool grandmother:) Thanks for the note, and for running after Jesus all these years.

  7. Given Breath says:

    It’s sad how often I am the Pharisee:(

    Grace, grace, grace! Thanks for the note, Linda…

  8. Beth R. says:

    Kim, my kids are older than yours. In their pre-teen and early teen days, it was the Harry Potter books that marked the “good moms” vs. the “worldly moms”. Our family opted to read the books, meaning we ALL (mom, dad, kids) read them, talked about them endlessly, read them aloud to one another on car trips, saw the movies, etc, etc, etc. And we enjoyed them! I also seized the opportunity to teach about not putting a stumblling block in the path of another. So “yes” you can read the books; “no” you can’t dress up as Hermoine for the church Halloween party. Now that they are young adults, we have precious memories, and no regrets, at least in this department!

  9. Given Breath says:


    Thanks for the note and also the wisdom in remembering to also address stumbling blocks with as much care. I like your style:) Have you been to the Harry Potter city at Universal? Pretty amazing!

  10. missy @ it's almost naptime says:

    ‘Why is it easier to be more religious than God?  Are we not free?’

    This is so rich and meaty and full of fat (polyunsaturated) that I believe I will be chewing on it for quite a while.

    Thank you.

  11. moxieangel says:

    I’ve wrestled with these book so much. I love that you asked, “Do we know our children well?” Yes. I do. It’s one of my strengths as their mom. Two of my kids read them and processed them in completely different ways. My younger two are so sensitive and merciful that it will still be awhile before they can read them. By then it will be a totally new series in question. I certainly want to teach my kids to “enjoy and carry joy” wherever we go!

    Thank you!

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