A duty of delight…

“The devil shows you the worst of man, the Holy Spirit the best”.                            (Dorothy Day: The Duty of Delight).

Sometimes, to be honest, my whole day is spent thinking the worst of people.  I question motives, roll my soul’s eyes, and hold my cynic’s tongue for all the wrong reasons.

Ugh.  It’s revolting.

“The devil shows you the worst of man, the Holy Spirit the best.”  

It is demonic for me to seek out and dwell on the weak and the worst in another.  I’ve been thinking about this, rather unhappily, all week.

God calls us his body, his children, and even his bride.  Would I be the one to condescendingly whisper in my Creator’s ear that several of his beloved are sinful, selfish, shallow, foul?

Satan already does that.

It is not of God that I am so unusually disciplined and absorbed in noting the many ways another saint is lacking.

Worse yet, I stand with God’s enemy when I feel satisfaction or superiority in observing the deep struggles and flaws of others.

“The devil shows you the worst of man, the Holy Spirit the best.”

Repent (turn) and be saved.

Repent (resolutely turn the will) and give thanks.

Because, saints, there is joy and clarity in seeing things rightly.

Would it not please the bridegroom most if I saw his beloved as he himself sees her?

Beautiful.  Unique.  Precious.

Would it not delight the Father to regularly praise the faithfulness, truth, and excellence I see in his sons and daughters?

Would it not be a better way to draw near to God?

A duty of delight, indeed.

I know God’s Spirit is with me when I want the wholesome best for another and when I rejoice with another “for reals”.

It is only God who delights in helping us see others rightly.

God help me to see.

God help me to turn, again.

God help me.


1 response to A duty of delight…

  1. jan gerali says:

    Thanks Kim for showing us our innerself…and realizing that without our Holy Spirit we think and feel the worst…we judge unjustly and think unfairly and have all condemned all until we see how much we fail and fall short!! I have soo enjoyed your wonderful blogs and am always drawn to the Savior who loves and accepts me unconditionally. God Bless YOU and PLEASE continue your writings!! Blessings!!

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