How To Rule The World (if you love lists)

For those of you who know me a little, you will understand how much I despise lists.  This frustrates and befuddles friends and loved ones, because it’s plain I could genuinely benefit from some rudimentary skills in this area.

Intellectually, I get it.  I appreciate and admire all you note-jotters and proficient list-keepers who carry me along with your well-designed day and informed plans.  You amaze me with all you can check off in a morning, and with such speed!  It’s really not lost on me how much more productive I could be if you were me.  I’d rule the world!

So, you will be stunned to know that recently, I started making a list.

It’s title?

“What my kids need to be able and willing to do before they leave the house.”

I’m not all that interested in what my kids need to know before they head out in the world.  Rather, what do they need to be able and willing to do?  For example, each of us knows we should pray.  But do we know how to pray?  Are we able and willing to do prayer?  Have we taught them how?

In my years of coaching athletes, I know the hardest human hurdle to overcome is this chasm between knowing and doing.  We know we should eat a little less and exercise a little more, but the doing is the doozie.  Are we able and willing to do what we know we should do?

So, my growing list includes about two dozen (and counting) able to do’s that cover life’s practical, communal, physical, emotional and spiritual spheres.

I’ll share them with you a few at a time if you’re interested.

Here’s two for today.

1.  Clean a bathroom from top to bottom.

  • Especially when a lot of bottoms share your bathroom.
  • Shake out the rugs, empty the trash, scrub the tub.
  • Wipe down every porcelain inch of the pooper and then mop the floor.
  • You’ll probably need to get on your hands and knees, dear one.

2.  Complete a cycle of laundry from start to finish.

  • Begin with sorting the reeking pile of summer sports gear in the corner.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s yours or your brother’s.
  • The cycle is complete when nicely folded piles of lights and darks are carried back up the stairs and delivered to the bedrooms where they live.
  • You’ll need a few hours, sweetheart.

*FYI.  An equally important skill for all ages is to notice, appreciate, and say a heart-felt “thank you” when your bathroom has been cleaned, or laundry washed by another person.  And then cover them with kisses.

Great joy to you all as you learn how do life together today.


6 responses to How To Rule The World (if you love lists)

  1. Corbin horton says:

    Amen sister!! I been tring your run for the sun thing and what I learned is 1) after about 3sun/ shade exchanges your forget and just run.2) your sweat becomes a God given ac.3)your home quicker than if you walked. Xo c

  2. Beth R. says:

    Regarding laundry, I found that teaching my kids HOW to do laundry was easy. Anyone can read directions and figure out how to run the machine. What took them longer to learn was timing. You have to think ahead, and PLAN to wash clothes regularly. This was especially challenging for my list-averse firstborn. I suspect that it remains challenging for her 😉

  3. Liz Nicholson says:

    Hmmmm like you admire those who make lists, I admire you for believing that “every inch” of the porcelain has been scrubbed by the boys 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement for what we are trying to do though 🙂

  4. Given Breath says:

    Agreed and amen:) Yeah – the whole planning thing is where it get’s this list-averse first-born, also…

  5. Given Breath says:

    I inspect! I inspect!!! While my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I can still spy a hastily cleaned loo:)

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