One hundred and one excellent excuses

(Repost from September, 2011).

It’s been three months since I’ve last worked out.

Over one hundred days since I’ve laced up the running shoes and hit the road, trails or downward dogged on a yoga mat.  For those of you who know me, and what I do for fun and work, you may now bring your bottom jaw back up to its full, upright and locked position.

“Wow! So how’s that workin’ out for ya’?” I hear you ask politely.

Not well.  Not well at all, my friends.

Sleep is not sweet.  I am not sweet.  Despite sharing a home with five other saints, my hormone induced personality disorders are really not sweet.

There are plenty of excellent reasons for my longtime departure from what I know to be good and right for body and soul:

  • I’ve been very, very busy doing…er…farm stuff.
  • I’ve been lonely.
  • I’ve been out of sorts, off my game, upside down.
  • The roads here are a death trap.  Cars in south county pass on the shoulder at sixty miles per hour and my children should not witness their mother as road-kill.
  • I don’t have a running buddy.  I don’t have any buddy.
  • I don’t have a workout group.
  • It’s been raining, a lot.  It’s humid!  And it’s hot, did I mention?
  • My fourth toe on my right foot really hurts.
  • I’m out of shape and kind of embarrassed.
  • The effort required to even think about interviewing/joining a gym is more that I can fathom.  The cost of joining a gym here is more than David will be able to ever fathom.
  • I HATE running on the treadmill. Hate it. Hate. It.
  • Did I mention I’ve been really, really busy on the farm?
  • Just so, so busy.
  • Crazy busy.
  • Doing
  • Farm
  • Stuff

 Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

As a coach, I’ve been sniffing out excuses that masquerade as reasons from thousands of athletes over the last decade.  Each person, including me, thinks she is the lone exception to the “make time for exercise” rule.  Isn’t it obvious that my excuses are special and unique?

Let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we?  The list of reasons for why I don’t bother to exercise each passing day is a growing heap of lame excuses that’s starting to get moldy and stink.

So, today I have to coach myself.  This list may help you in an endeavor where you need a little push.

  • Start somewhere.
  • Pick a place today and just start.
  • A little is better than nothing.  Ten minutes are better than no minutes.
  • A mile is a mile.  Running is not the only form of exercise.  Walk, hike, bike or dance.
  • The little bits of minutes add up.
  • Smile, be humble, be brave.  No one is looking at you, anyway.
  • No-one is that busy.  Especially me.
  • Busy, productive people need exercise the most.
  • Stress will come out somewhere.  Best if it comes out in streams of sweat instead of a huffy-puffy attitude.
  • My children really need a happy mom and my special agent deserves a pleasant wife.
  • Deep sleep is one great reward of physical effort.  And when I sleep deeply I don’t think of the stink bugs under the dresser.  Bonus!
  • Exercise makes you think about what you eat and drink.  You do become more “health” conscious, because the effort shouldn’t be wasted.
  • Don’t wait for the right moment, feeling, weather report or personal invitation
  • Just start somewhere.
  • Now.
  • Go.
  • Go.
  • Go.

 Joy to you as you stare your excuses down.

We have been given breath, legs, lungs, bodies and a beautiful world.  Enjoy the gifts!


6 responses to One hundred and one excellent excuses

  1. Kristene Edwards says:

    I did have to pick my jaw up but in a sick way took pleasure in it knowing that I might, and “might” being the key word, be able to keep up with you the first week or so of workouts. Looking foward to your return to me. 🙂

  2. Kristene Edwards says:

    One more thing. I just finished a day of farm work and that is a workout all its own. So even though you are not doing lunges or running sprints trust me you are getting a great workout and the bonus, you are getting chores done. 🙂

  3. Marla says:

    I too picked up my jaw but also thought, you aren’t no working out, your just not working out the way you have always done it. I agree with Kristene, that farm work is WORK! I’ve been sidelined from running for almost 3 months also and am learning to be ok with my body the way it is as running might not be in the long term future for me 😦

    Run again and have a great sleep!

  4. Given Breath says:

    Marla and Kristene – this was a repost from last summer when we had first arrived at the farm. Do not worry too much and thank you for your steady encouragement.

    Marla – David and I packed our running shoes for our vacation to Italy and didn’t use them once – but boy did we exercise! Walking/hiking cobbled turkish streets and never-ending italian stairs and wore us out in the best way. It was good for us both to be reminded that exercise can happen in so many ways, not just “our (running)” way. You will find your new way. Much love.

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