“Love and Longing”

Last night, we stretched our hands out around the table and asked God for help.  Four needy children and one selfish mother, all of us rude, asking for God to come to us, and make us right again.

David, the man who patiently lays down his life for his family and friends, was not with us.  He was back again to an empty farmhouse with bare floors and bookshelves, enjoying no breathy kisses from a sleepy girl-child, or boistrous story-telling from three sons.

Yes, over the last several months, we have all tasted the sour sadness of daily life that is missing an important, sweet ingredient.


IMG_4105Our little family unit is waiting for the return of someone who embodies the best kind of love.

We wait like a rag-tag band of soldiers enduring through a long night.

We wait expectantly for the day he returns to us.

We know that while it won’t be perfect when David comes home, it will be right.


IMG_0521IMG_2867IMG_4030Advent feels very real to us all this year.

Our family longs for David to come home, because he is love to us in a tangible and human form.  My children know their earthly father’s care, his kindness, and his self-control, because they see his actions and they know him.  In the same way, I have seen my lover’s goodness, his faith, his selflessness and integrity, I long for him to come home because I know him.

And yet, if we so long for David to return to us, to be whole again as a family, how much more so do we long for our heavenly father to come again?


God took on flesh and we have seen him as a baby and man.  He is the husband who stretched out his hands and died for his wife.  He is the man who laid down his life for his family and friends.  He is the King who wore a crown of thorns to set prisoners free.

God has come to us once, and so we know he will come to us again!  And when He does,  all things will be made new, even four needy children and a selfish mother, all of us rude.

Come Thou long-expected Saviour.  We long for you to come again.

Peace to you and yours this Advent,



18 responses to “Love and Longing”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kimmy – – another one that brought tears, tears – – the one of him in a suit holding little Titus’s hand….and just being with his kids in their version of an amazing adventure of a day – and of you two on your anniversary trip……
    Will pray for his successful mission in DC and his safe and RAPID return home.
    Just sent you holiday card today…… wish I could run over with wine and some Jenny “2 minute stories that takes 15 minutes to tell it” :)) Hugs & Prayers ~ Love you my special far away friend,
    ~ JG

  2. brenda keene says:


    When I see a picture of you and Dave and all the rest of the family, I just remember what a great Blessing you all were in my life. I think of those days often. Even thought we only share the same space for a short while, you and David always show your love for each other and your love for Christ what a great Blessing you must be to all those around you today. I love reading your blogs. May God continue to guide you in all that you write or do daily to serve and live for his purpose. What a handsome couple!
    Love from an old Friend, Bem/Brenda

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even though we missed you while you were gone, have enjoyed your early return…I am thankful and prayerful for his soon reuniting with ya’ll. You have been so courageous and generous.
    love, love, love your writing

  4. Cree Haag says:

    Hi Kim,
    This is such a wonderful piece you have written!! I just want you to know how touched I was when I read it. Hope it does not make you sad but I think how much Sharon would have loved you and appreciated this- especially your precious love and honor regarding David!!!! You are so special to me.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Kimmy, So glad you have settled back into Texan life. So sorry you have to be apart from each other for so long. I missed Walt when I had to go to New Zealand when my Daddy died. It was hard but am thankful for the time to grieve with my family. I am thankful I get to read your blog and you bring me back to earth after flying high in Homeschool Land most of the time.
    lots of love

  6. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful, so true..thank you for helping me S T O P and remember these things..
    Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!

  7. Given Breath says:


    I love that the LORD weaves us in and out of each other’s life at exactly the times we need the other. You were such a refuge for me, such an encourager, and a support to David and I in times that were often way over our heads! Thank you for that kindness. I trust you are enjoying life in your new position and your new program! They are lucky to have you indeed! Much love from Texas….and thanks for the note….

  8. Given Breath says:

    Thanks to God, who stirs our hearts with His WORD.

    Nancy – you are an encourager – thank you!

  9. Given Breath says:

    It makes me a little sad, but not in a bad way. I think we miss her more now than ever.

    I love you, Cree.

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