I’d just rather not bump into her, ok?

I realized last week that I would rather not bump into her.

It didn’t distress me, it was just a camouflaged truth lounging there in the tall weeds.

“What will you do if  you see her?  Will you hug?  Banter? Be cheery?  What will you say?  It will likely be rather awkward.”  I said to myself.

Isn’t it remarkable how these inner conversations go, and how we play out all the various scenarios without hardly skipping a beat?  Does this happen to you, or is it just me?


A friend said once,  “If you are in conflict with more than one person at a time, Kim, then take a good look in the mirror, because you are most likely the problem.”

And so naturally – because I’m certain that I’m not the problem this time – I convince myself that what’s going on here really isn’t actually conflict per se.  

It’s nothing major…really!  This affects the rhythm and overall happiness of my life hardly at all.  Sheesh!  I’d just rather not bump into her, OK?  Fine.

Friends, we cannot use our own God-given talents to their fullest potential unless we are actively seeking generous peace with our sisters.  God wants our gifts and talents and passion less than he wants us to love others rightly, even when it’s completely awkward.

Even when we don’t know in advance what we’ll say.

“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.” (Jesus teaching his disciples in Matthew 5)


God sacrificed his own son for eternal reconciliation with us.  He went above and beyond what he had to do, he was under no obligation at all.  God didn’t turn his only son over to be killed in order that we might industriously use our talents, did he?


Actually, God gave his son as a ransom for his people.  A terrible and wonderful sacrifice in order that we might be with him, and not without him, forever.

“Who gives a man his mouth?  Who makes him deaf or mute?  Who gives him sight or makes him blind?  Is it not I?  Now go!  I will help you to speak and tell you what to say…”  (God talking to Moses in Exodus 4)



Saints, you are loved in the most awesome way.

Go now, and love likewise.  God will help you.


3 responses to I’d just rather not bump into her, ok?

  1. Kim…what a chord you have struck! And I admit, it happens to me, too. It is not just you! And I love your encouragement and insight regarding it. As my Dad says, “It is better to be right with another than to be right.” Oh, that I would be the sister-in-Christ that God has called me to be and to love as He has loved… Thanks! Love- Natalie

  2. This post came at the right time for me, sister. Keep living alongside me and writing these posts that hit home. You are a treasure…Rebe

  3. thelma everswick says:

    It sure is a danger in a retirement community when we are close together. We need the Lord’s guidance ! G’Ma E.Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 17:04:20 +0000 To: ambuyae@hotmail.com

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