The Sacred and the Same

No wave is the same,

No cloud another’s twin.


Suddenly, I am a maritime meteorologist!

“In case you were wondering, folks, low tide will be at 2:12pm.”

“Did everyone see the GLORIOUS sunrise this morning?”


The sea is wild-eyed today, all froth and chop and loud adolescent.

Yesterday, it was purple glass.

‘Lake Atlantic conditions’ says the scoffing on-line surf report.


Oh, I love the sacred sameness that is here.

Our annual family sabbath-at-the-sea for twenty years.

Beauty poured out with each fresh slant of summer sun.


The salt and sound wash over us.

We soak in God’s goodness, his kindness.

I can’t blink, or I’ll miss a moment.


IMG_9535Indeed, Christ plays in ten-thousand places.

Is this what heaven might be like?

An eternity to really see and really rest.


Oh, I hope so.

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

Peace, to you and yours,


9 responses to The Sacred and the Same

  1. Cree says:

    Hey Kim,
    Loved your descriptions of the sea and Beach!!! So glad you are having a great time. But you really “see’ and value the moment wherever you are. Reminds me of Edith Scheaffer’s book, “A Way of Seeing”. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you in Orlando this Sun.

  2. Judi Hiller says:


    I am so often blessed by your words and pictures of your dear ones. I also see Sharon in David, and can see her smiling on the blessed and precious wife and mother that you are to her dear and beloved ones. May the blessings of HIS peace, the abundance of HIS grace be overflowing in your lives because HE LIVES.

    In the Lamb’s Love, Judi Hiller


  3. Alisa Ballou says:

    Christ plays in 10,000 places. LOVE the truths here. Just found your blog today via a friend posting your article to teenage girls on fb. (which was awesome by the way.. at least having so many people comment on it got your blog into my life! :))
    Anyway, super refreshed by the beauty of the truths here and in your other posts. God bless, and thanks for sharing!

    I just finished reading Dekker’s circle trilogy where he talks about the way “Elyon” or God loves to play with His creation. Have you ever read those books? They have such beautiful analogies in them..

    Anyway, thanks again!

  4. Beautiful images and majestic poetry!!!!!!!

    You are truly gifted, and I am extremely grateful to have found this site. There isn’t much out there anymore which can lift the heart and praise all creation and the Creator who made all things. Few people seem to understand the need for shared expressions of praise. And I never understand how poets and artists cannot write and create like mad under the omnipotent enchantment one receives through the outpouring praise for the incomprehensibly divine beauty all around us! God’s Spirit is the most inspiring muse in all creation!!! Poems beautiful and complex, art which inspires awe and majesty, flow out of the Christian soul in torrents. The influence is unmistakable. The most beautiful poetry ever written came out of the Victorian Era, from the souls of the enlightened Christian masters, such as Wordsworth and, the greatest of all time, Tenneyson. Truth and Beauty radiate the soul through the vibrance of the Spirit. I cannot imagine ever writing anything without Him.

    Thank you for posting!

  5. melodynew says:

    If I had read some of your posts prior to my comment on FYI #2, I would have worked harder to soften my tone. . . the message would have been the same, but I would have approached it in a gentler, more careful manner. Forgive me. Truly. I’ve learned something from this. Godspeed with your ministry.

  6. Given Breath says:

    Melody:) If I had known so many people I didn’t know were going to read that post, I would have softened my tone, too. I’ve learned something from this, too. Peace to you, and thank you.

  7. Given Breath says:

    Alisa, thank you for your note. I have not heard of the trilogy, but I love the subject and will absolutely check him out. Yesterday I was out in the middle of a lake, and trying not to look at a computer:). In the span of about 10 minutes, a huge storm whipped up, snapping chains, white-caps everywhere…and then right in the middle of it….a RAINBOW. Do I think this was just for me, yesterday? Absolutely. God plays in creation, indeed.

  8. time2refuel says:

    Your words and pictures are beautiful! I felt like I was looking over my own photos. I take the same types of photos because the beauty around us is just so inspiring. A wonderful reminder of our Creator.

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