Is There Anything Too Hard?

Is there anything too hard for Me?

With a single question, God challenges his children  – dares us –  to find anything that can thwart him.

Is there anything too difficult for Me?

The God of angel armies defies all heaven and hell to pose a difficulty that perplexes him.

IMG_5290Think of your most draining conundrum, today.

Where are you boxed in on all sides? What can you not seem to escape, despite every new route? Which black hole is swallowing your best energies – devouring your confidence? What of your past stalks you, stealing your joy?

Everything is too hard for us.

It’s all too difficult for us.

Behold, I am Jehovah, the God of all flesh – is anything to hard for me?



IMG_5257Where are you stuck?

Which tunnel has no light at its end? What clouds have no silver lining – much as you’ve tried to find one?

Everything is so hard for us.

We are perplexed and pressed from every side.

“Mary. Is anything too wonderful for me?”

Through his questions, the Creator asks us to strongly reason with him – and believe him.

Who do you say that I am? Why do you call me good? Is anything impossible with me?

IMG_5259Our doubts and disappointments are not too difficult for him, saints. Addictions and dysfunction are not beyond the pale of his intervention. He has rendered shame powerless. The wages of our sin – all the hate, fear, anger, rape, disease, discord, bitterness, and death are too much for us, but not too much for God.

Am I not able?

Am I not willing?

Am I not strong enough to prevail in every hard thing?


Bring all your dead-ends, doubts, and dark tunnels to your Heavenly Father.

His spirit is able to expand your capacity to think, trust, and discern his will.

Jehovah, the God of all flesh, is working in and through all your hard things – because you are his and always will be.

Be still, and make room for his presence.IMG_5288

Peace to you, because nothing is too wonderful for our God.


3 responses to Is There Anything Too Hard?

  1. xox says:

    this was sooooo perfect for what i have laid down for god with my oldest … today. divine appointment. xox

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