We lament and cry out for justice with you.

Because all is not well. The earth groans, and all her people despair of true justice.

Who will set things right? Who can heal our bodies and minds? Who can restore our ravaged hearts and homes? Our land? Our hope? Our future?


But we have hope, saints. We must not despair as we watch, wait, and mourn. Because hate will never overcome goodness (or beauty, or truth) no matter how fiercely it rages, shrieks, or gnashes it’s teeth.

For there is a greater love that will never let us go, no matter how much the gates of hell prevail and preach against it.

Can we pray that we will not shrink back in our fear or dismay? That we will be humble – and also bold!

And can we pray that we will not sin (or grieve the Holy Spirit) in our arrogance, cowardice, confusion, or self-righteousness?

Can we remain steadfast in faith and (even) joy in the shadow of all this suffering and pain?

For we have put our trust in Christ: The Son of God who suffered, and wept, and was killed by his enemies.

We have entrusted our bodies, souls, and our people, to this Jesus; who offered his whole heart – his whole life – as a ransom for many.

My prayer for you, for Orlando, for the LGBT community, for the church, and for all who are suffering today, is this: “… that with humble and contrite hearts, we would all know and understand how wide, and long, and high, and deep the Father’s love is for us…”

We lament with you, Orlando. And we pray for you and yours without ceasing.



7 responses to #Orlando

  1. lynnandjudy says:

    Sitting here seaside in beautiful setting but our hearts have ached all day as we have been in the car and all we hear is the ache!

    Just read your post and sitting here tears streaming down my face and love your ability to share His Love



  2. Thank you, Kim, for this beautiful expression of ache and the powerful suggestion to pray, for honestly, what else can we do, but pray and love and gently proclaim the One who can ultimately heal our land. Sharing this post.

  3. Deborah Krehbiel Overly says:

    Kim your mom is so right, you are divinely gifted with words to express the deepest aches in our hearts today, and I praise God for your ministry in communicating what many of us are experiencing….in many areas of life as we know it here on earth…and prayer is the habitual response we must cultivate. Jesus changes everything, every day. Thank you

  4. HEATHER FRYE says:

    Love. Well said Kim!

    Sent from my iPhone…

    Heather Frye-Ginsberg, BSN, RN


  5. lynnandjudy says:

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Sandy Rios > Date: July 8, 2016 at 12:57:12 PM PDT > To: Judy Everswick > Subject: Re: Fwd: [New post] What’s In Your Hand? > > Love it. Going to have Adam post it on our Facebook page. > > Xoxo > >>

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