Staying True To Who?

“Being true to yourself is crap.”

This is what I’d like to say to those who tell me, with authority, that we are our very best when we follow the little voice that whispers: “Trust yourself. Trust your truth. Stay in your own peace and be fiercely true to who you are. Don’t betray that inner voice, whatever you do, because it’s leading you home.”

I’d like to find a nice way to say that this line of thinking is a steaming pile of poo.

In the beginning, Eve was true to herself. She was also exceptionally brave, in the sense that she was willing to put everything on the line for what she thought was good and right for her at the time. She listened carefully to that persistent inner voice, and then she obeyed it.

How courageous.

Eve trusted wholeheartedly in her own truth. “Go get it, Eve..” the voice told her with such conviction. “It’s time to be brave and true. No-one is ever going to be the boss of you again. Go get your own happiness.”

How authentic.

How much pain when Eve’s eyes were opened to the real truth: that the voice she had been so carefully listening to was not interested in her happiness at all.

No, the voice she had trusted wanted nothing more than to separate her from the goodness, generosity, security, and presence of God. She had been badly, horribly, shamefully deceived.

How tragic.

There is a voice that declares everlasting truth on heaven and earth, friends, but it does not originate in the heart of man. God’s own voice is made available to us through his Word and his church, and only when we humble ourselves to follow this voice – his voice – we will find our truest, best, and bravest selves.

There is a voice that’s leading us home, but it never calls us to self-trust, or to lean on our own intuition, personal courage, or understanding. Any voice that tells you otherwise is not from God.

My prayers are for you all today. And I pray, not that you will ‘stay in your own peace’ or ‘stay true to yourself’, but that you will hear again the voice of God who offers true peace and real life to all those who put their trust in him.

I pray that you’ll stay true to THAT voice.


6 responses to Staying True To Who?

  1. Kristi says:

    I truly enjoy your posts. Thank you for writing with courage.

  2. Cree says:

    Thank you Kim, for a wonderful post on which voice to listen to and follow!!! The Word of God is His voice and leads us truly. Love you and miss you. Love to all your dear family.

  3. Gail says:

    Thank you, Kim. I am always blessed by and grateful for your words of truth.

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