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What happens when you discover that a person you respect and admire plans to vote for Donald Trump?

Are you deeply disappointed? Privately aghast? Do you feel slightly superior in some way? Does it change the way you consider that person going forward? Do you feel justified in distancing yourself from them and their (disturbing, unsavory, shameful) kind of people? Thank goodness you are not like them!

Or, what happens when you find out that a person you really like and admire plans to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Are you saddened? Do your spirits sink? Are you mortified at their sheep-like naiveté, spiritual blindness, and their capitulation to the lesser things of this world? And because you know that only a few will pass through the narrow gate, are you proud that you have been courageous enough to take the moral high ground? God, thank you for not letting me be like them!

I know what happens when we discover that certain people – good Christian people – think differently, politically, than we do: We wonder how they can sleep at night with so much bad blood on their hands!

“How on earth can a person with even a shred of integrity vote for that loathsome man?” we wonder, sometimes out loud. “How can anyone with any conscience at all support that despicable woman?” we say to anyone who has ears to hear.

Many of us have already announced that we can no longer, ‘in good conscience’, really respect anyone who would still support, after all we know, a candidate whose values are so dangerous and distorted. Too much is on the line, people!

“You must know I’ve given this considerable, careful, and totally unbiased thought!” we say. And if (even) I can’t convince you – if you still won’t agree with me and all the other good, decent, and clued-in people – well then, I guess you’re on your own.”

“I can no longer have your back if you think that way.” we say to our brother as we shake the dust from our shoes. “You’re beyond my help, hope, and respect.”

But what is it that Christians say? What are we to do?

I don’t know.

But I know that God despises haughty eyes and I know he loves humble and contrite hearts.

I know that we are to regularly examine our own motives with the same rigor we use to examine the motives of others.

I know we are to cling to the good and forgive seven times seventy; that we are to speak of our neighbor how we would like to be spoken of in the town square.

I know God’s people can trust there will be enough baskets of fish, bread, and blessing to fill more than five thousand hungry souls if Jesus is there.

I know we are to be gentle and truthful, and that we must always leave plenty of room for the perfect justice and stunning surprises of God.

I know we are to see the beauty and promise in all God has made, especially in his extraordinary, obstinate, and exasperating people.

And I know that our enemy especially loves it when our hearts turn cold and callous towards each other; when we feel justified in demeaning, disparaging, or defacing those also made in the image of God – even in our private thoughts.

So, what happens when we are dismayed by our brothers and sisters to the point of spiritual pride?

Pray. Not only for them, but for us. Pray for more light. And may the God who holds all the world in his generous hands, who respects us all despite our considerable lack of respect, be merciful to us.

Peace (and more light) to you this season,



11 responses to More Light

  1. Shawn says:

    Thank you for a good spanking today! I mean that in the best way. Haughty eyes and pride are exactly the lenses through which I have looked down on others in this area. It is so difficult to not feel strongly that my view is correct. Praying for us as believers to be salt and light is the remedy. May God have mercy on us and call us back to Himself. Thanks for this!

  2. Given Breath says:

    Ha! Thanks Shawn. I also regularly want to corner the market on “rightness” and woe to those who don’t agree (just ask my husband). May God’s kindness lead us to regular repentance!


  3. June Stock says:

    These are my sentiments but God gave you the words to speak for me.
    Thank you for GivenBreath. Thank you for giving yourself up to our Father and I thank Him for the way He uses you. Blessings in abundance for you and your family.

  4. Bev Klaiber says:

    AMEN, Sister. Thank you for this. Wish so many more held this view … Blessings to you and your people. Whichever group they fall into 😉

  5. Deborah Krehbiel Overly says:

    Convicting, thank you Kim!

  6. Danny Blue says:

    Wonderful reminder of the virtue of humility. Thank you. I know we are made in God’s image, but it’s chagrining, and sad how quickly I forget my limited knowledge, perspective, prejudices, and play God—which usually means I’m judging someone rather harshly. I remember teaching, saying in some of my Bible studies (with a degree of hyperbole), that if any of us were God, no one would be left alive. We’d have judged and killed everyone. Then, left alone we’d kill ourselves. . . In more ways than not, we all are a bit like Donald and Hillary. Thus we shudder at the thought. And of course, none of this surprises God, and He is ready for whatever. I now know where to find some spiritual sanity, online. Smile. Thanks again for reminding me of the greatest human virtue, humility; something I need, and this country needs a strong dose of . . .

  7. Given Breath says:

    Thank you, Danny. Peace to you and yours as we return again (and again) to the mercy of God.

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