Or Would You Rather?

What if you see Donald Trump in heaven?

Will you be shocked? Upset? Will you want to have a word with the management? “Jesus. How did he get in here? Do you just let anyone in these days? You clearly don’t know him like we do.”

To those of you who actively despise Donald Trump: When was the last time you prayed for him? When was the last time you asked God to show him mercy?

Honest question: Do you even want God to show him mercy?

Have you ever prayed for Donald Trump like you pray for those you love? Have you earnestly asked God to bless him, keep him, protect him, and instruct him in the ways he should go? Or would you rather he just go straight to hell?

And, what if you were to encounter Hillary Clinton in heaven? Is that too impossible a stretch for you? Can you even imagine it? Will you be angry that someone like her could ever receive grace? Do you secretly hope – for all she’s gotten away with in this life -that she receives not one shred of God’s mercy in the next?

God knows we have sufficiently looked into another man’s heart and declared it deplorable. We have carefully examined a woman’s soul and found it worthy of condemnation. We have made our correct and righteous judgments. God knows.

But can we pray for God to show mercy to our enemies? Can we give them over to the care of a just and wise God? Are we able to ask, not that our enemies receive the rejection we think they deserve, but that they experience the beauty, holiness, and patient kindness that God extends to all sinners. Us included.

Are you able to pray that God would bless Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Not that they will be blessed with more money, or power, or victory (sorry, Joel Osteen), but that they would know the deep goodness of a true King who reigns over heaven and earth.

Because Christ himself prays for you at the throne of God, and because all your many debts have been paid in full, peace be with you today.

And because you pray that God be God – that he would continue to pour out his mercy and blessing on those you think deserve neither – peace be with you always.


*Danish House / Bea Van Twillert

12 responses to Or Would You Rather?

  1. Grace Snodgrass says:

    Timely and well written. Not too long ago I finished a bible study on Revelations. I no longer want to condemn someone to Hell. You are right, prayer is grace, prayer is love, prayer is powerful. Thank you for this post.

  2. Jen says:

    Thank you ~ this is just what everyone needs to hear right now ~ kindness and love toward all no matter what our political leanings ~ grateful for your wise reminder that peace and goodwill are so much better than strife and contempt for the opposing team ~ we are all God’s children and all need grace and mercy. Now if we could just get this message to media at large?😉 Everyone could use this reminder in the next few weeks! Thank you!

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for this much needed reminder.

  4. Jenn says:

    Thank you, indeed well written and a needed reminder to pray for them and others we may not like 🙂

  5. June Stock says:

    Kim, Leilani Connors is loving the study you are doing on Isaiah. I thank God He has had you Influencing so many for Him. I love this post. It speaks to me and I needed that. I praise and thank God for you and hope I get to meet you here before we get to be neighbors in Heaven. Love and blessings, June Stock

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  6. awestruck09 says:

    Totally agree. I think we will be surprised when we get to heaven, who we might see. Sadly, I think some people have the wrong Gospel and will be surprised to not be in heaven. Yes, we should be praying for Donald Trump. We should be praying for Hillary Clinton as well. Who knows what God will do? If God works in a heart, He can save anyone, no matter how hard their hearts are. God can soften hearts and change people’s hearts. That is what He does best.

  7. Suzanne Utts says:

    I pray for them frequently. I hope a lot of Christians do.

  8. Diane Keep says:

    Wow! I really needed to hear that!! Thanks!!!

  9. Godly perspective. I’ve often prayed for those in office, but haven’t for candidates. This puts some of us back in our place in a very kind way.

  10. Josie Donohue says:

    Your comments were right on time. I pray for our candidates almost every day. But you said it better than I ever could. Thank you!

  11. Beth Ann Williams says:

    Thank you, Kim. This is sorely needed. Because Jesus goes before the Father on our behalf, how can I not pray for our candidates.

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