We The People (Of God)

In God’s kingdom, babies (born naked, or still tucked safely near the heart of her mother) are not sacrificed to any idol.

Have you not heard? says the Creator of all. These children are mine – each soul knit together by me and marked as my own forever.

In God’s kingdom, women and girls are invited into the most important inner-room discussions.

Have you not seen? says the King of all heaven and earth. This is my remarkable daughter in whom I am will pleased. Listen to her.

There are parties thrown for prodigal sons, prostitute sisters, and guilty-as-sin people that have made terrible mistakes and squandered their inheritance. Have you not known?

Welcome home my child says the Heavenly Father. I’ve been watching for you since you left. Your room is ready; your bed is made; your place at my table is already prepared.

In God’s kingdom the poor and hungry are invited to feast; the weary are able to rest; the lame get up on the palace dance-floor and dance for joy.

Don’t you see how much I consider and care for each one? says their Redeemer. Look! Their names are graven on my hands, and my spirit is with them always. 

We the people of God, together, testify to the beauty and righteousness of our good King.  We are heirs to his dynamic kingdom of justice and peace. We are taste of his rest. Do our words, thoughts, attitudes, and actions commend us as such?

See how I see them and love them? says King Jesus. I will help you to do the same. Come follow me.


Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
    his understanding is unsearchable.  (Isaiah 40:28)

Peace to you and yours today,


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