What We Will Bend

“We must quit bending the Word to suit our situation. It is we who must be bent to that Word; our necks that must bow under the yoke.” (Elizabeth Elliot, Through Gates Of Splendor)

“But do not fear my yoke, dear ones. I know you are exhausted from ploughing the barren field your own way. I know you are weary from trying to live by your own words and strength.

Won’t you give all those dead-weight burdens to me? Won’t you come close and fasten yourself securely to my side? Won’t you walk in my generous, just, and holy way?

For I am a gentle and patient Shepherd.

I don’t whip or withhold any good thing from those I love. I don’t sleep or stumble in the darkest early hours. I never grow weak or discouraged in tending to the needs and prayers of my people. I know how it feels to stagger under the weight of the world.

Yes. I am the first and last Word. I am the eternal rest and reward that you seek. My yoke is a graceful and evergreen garland on the necks of any who call on my name.” (Jesus, Matthew 11, totally paraphrased)

Peace to you in the field where God has placed you. You are yoked with Christ; plowing and tending together with your Good Shepherd; for the surpassing beauty and glory of God!


3 responses to What We Will Bend

  1. I loved what you said about bending the Word to fit our situation. Once again, thank you. I’ve never been disappointed in your blog.

  2. Beautiful Kim! Thanks for this powerful reminder of Who is in charge, loving us all the Way along the path of Truth and Life.

    love mJ

  3. Delia says:

    As always you address life with graceful force

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