Falling and Bowed Down

“The Lord is faithful in all his words, and kind in all his works. He upholds all who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down. The Lord is good to all.” (Psalm 145)

This is the living word we need as we try to live humanly in an increasingly reduced, isolated, and inhuman first-world.

God’s better word reminds us that we are not especially faithful or kind, but He always is. We are rarely merciful unless it suits us. But God’s property is always to show mercy to all he has made.

We extend good to some, but not all. But Christ forgives those who curse him. He forgives and blesses those who’d rather he were dead.

We are not inclined to be consistently just or generous. But there has never been a time when God has been unjust, or withheld any good, even at great cost to himself.

And we may have good intentions, but our words aren’t exactly faithful, flawless, or perfectly true. But God’s word calls forth rain and waters the whole earth. God’s word makes dead people come to life, every time.

ALL the words of God are faithful.
ALL the works of God are kind.
He is merciful and good to ALL.

This is the word we need today as we help guide our children through the murky and discordant depths of a technological age. For aren’t we the weary adult people who are falling and bowed down?

Indeed we are. We realize that we are not as straight or strong as we should be at this stage in our lives. We know that we are not able to uphold or raise up those who need us most. We regret that we are not the people; the parents; the agents of good we hoped to be.

But God is straight, strong, true, and able. He is near to all who call on him; merciful and good to all. Listen carefully then for his words, intended for you, which are not usually found on a podcast:)

Peace, because the Lord is faithful and good to you and yours, always and forever.

*image from Google (NPR article on smartphone addiction)

3 responses to Falling and Bowed Down

  1. Martha Bailey says:

    Thank you, Kim! I truly need to hear those healing words today and on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s okay that I don’t want to be Facebook friends with people who says things that I find offensive, racist, and mean-spirited.
    Kim, you gained fame for saying you force your sons to defriend girls you think are dressed inappropriately, and that there are no second chances. You aren’t willing to be understanding and compassionate towards teenagers finding their way in the world when it comes to being Facebook friends, but you think adults should stay Facebook friends with other adults who say disturbing and offensive things? I don’t understand your reasoning there..

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