No Need To Bend A Knee

Every once in a while I stir up a hornets nest and find myself in the crosshairs of the abortion industry. This is just as much fun as you might imagine.

I might say something like, “I don’t agree with the premise that it’s better to abort a baby than to have another child on welfare…” and a swarm of enraged killer-bees appear on the horizon. Who do I think I am to hold this harmful opinion? How dare I?! I am a stupid, stupid sheep, clearly out of my league, and now they will be forced to teach me a thing or two.

I like to see how quickly abortion activists; always part of a snarling and organized pack, begin to gnash their teeth and wish me and my family harm. It rarely takes longer than a minute.

NOTE: When I use the term “abortion advocates” or “abortion industry” I am not referring to individual women who have suffered an abortion in their past. I am specifically referring to the organizations, and those who lead them, that perpetuate (and profit from) the lie that abortion is good for any individual or society.

Despite her protests to the contrary, the abortion industry is also a religion; her prophets full of zeal. The temple priests (again, the leaders and advocates – not the victims) call for enlightened people to worship and obey themselves; to put their trust in the truths that seem most right to them; to denounce a God who holds all things – born and unborn – in his merciful hands.

And the most precious and sacred creed of the abortion religion today is this: “There is no need to bend a knee. You know what’s best for you and yours today and always. You need not bow to any authority, or to God, for you are in complete control of your present and your future. There is nothing more important in this life than, well, you. You are the way. You are the truth. You are the life.”

What then does this religion of self-worship require? Sacrifice of course. There can never be too many sacrifices at the abortion industry’s temple. “Here is another life, given to you…” they say to their gods. “…now open our eyes and let us be like you, knowing good and evil, just as you promised.”

But the people of God live in an upside-down kingdom that this world knows nothing about. We follow a Son who poured out his own life – offered his own body – as a willing and obedient sacrifice to his Father. Those who follow Christ understand that trusting in their own wisdom will invariably lead to darkness, hardness, shame, and death. Never once in the history of mankind has self-worship ever led to a more abundant or free life.

Christians worship a God who’s property is always to have mercy; who takes no pleasure in human sacrifice; who asks no more of us than he himself was willing to endure. Our priest is Jesus Christ; the Lamb of God, who offered himself for the sins of the world.

And one day soon a trumpet will sound and every knee will bow before this Prince of Peace. Every tongue will confess that He Is The Eternal And Unchanging Truth. And the Lamb will say to those he has ransomed with his own torn apart body, “I know you, my friend. I have always known you. You did not shrink away from trusting in me. You persevered in faith and cared for me when I was in distress. Come now and enter my rest.”

I know a woman who was enmeshed within the abortion industry. She was, by her own admission, a priest of death. And Christ went into her dark dungeon and brought her out into the light. The person who is the Truth set her free. He conquered death, scorned shame, and his own precious blood washed her clean. And now she serves in a royal priesthood; holy and consecrated to God; offering sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving for all that he has done.

So continue to pray and do not lose hope – for our God is able to bend even the greatest evil for his eternal good. He has brought you out into new life.

“This is my body, given for you.”

And don’t shrink back when you the swarm of angry hornets threatens – for what can man do? God himself holds you, and all creation – born and unborn – in his merciful hands.

“Let your hearts take courage, all you who wait for the Lord! (Ps. 31)

Peace to you as you wait for the LORD.


7 responses to No Need To Bend A Knee

  1. Colleen Brezden says:

    Your commentary needs to be in every newspaper across the country. Thank you for putting this strong message into words. To God be the glory.

  2. Beverly Klaiber says:

    As always, another great word here, Kim!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I shared your article on Facebook 2 days ago. It is not there today, so wondering if it was found “offensive” and removed?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this was removed from my FB after I posted it to Facebook.

  5. Gail says:

    Thank you, Kim, for your bold, truthful and life giving words! God bless you.

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