A Talent Of Tenderness

I have a gentle husband.

His tenderness towards me is not in direct proportion to my tenderness towards him. And his patient carefulness with me – physically, sexually, emotionally – isn’t primarily in response to how considerate I am towards him — thank God.

No, David is a self-controlled and gentle husband because he has been entrusted to care for the property of God; to faithfully steward the kingdom of heaven until his Master returns.

God has not shown me more favor than other women by giving me such a spouse. I’m immeasurably grateful that David’s delight is in the LORD, but I’m no more blessed, no more worthy or fortunate, than any other daughter who serves in the house of God.

Because every daughter of the King, like every son, has been entrusted to care for what rightfully belongs to the Master until he returns home. And all God’s servants, whether given much, or little, will be asked to give account.

In Matthew 25, Jesus described this gifting of God’s property as the ‘giving of a talent’. Some servants are given five talents from God, and some only two. No servant is given nothing.

All God’s sons and daughters have been given at least one talent from his own hand, something of value and divine worth, to multiply and bless his kingdom until the final trumpet sounds. What has God entrusted to you?

A gentle husband comes to me directly from the hand of God. He is on loan to me for a little while but belongs, indisputably and eternally, to my Heavenly Father. What will I do with this undeserved talent from God? How will I multiply it? Will the King be pleased with how I’ve used it for compounding good in his kingdom?

Advent is a time to consider the talent(s) God has given to you as you wait for his return.

What possession has God entrusted to you, specifically, to tend for his good in his kingdom? What has the Master given you, his servant, to multiply his blessing and joy to the world, far as the curse is found?

A gentleness and tenderness – sexually, emotionally, physically – towards all those that rightfully belong to God multiplies his blessing. Well done my good and faithful servant.

Rendering true judgements; showing kindness and mercy to one another; refusing to devise evil against another in our hearts – all of these talents increase God’s blessing throughout his world. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.

Considering the husband-less; fatherless, money-less; freedom-less, and homeless as precious in God’s sight, and tending to them as you would your own, multiplies his blessing and reverses the curse’s grip on creation. Welcome, my child, into my joy.

Peace to you as you care for what God has entrusted to you. May you continue to multiply it for great blessing and joy to God’s world as you expectantly wait for his return.


Advent readings: Zechariah 7; Matthew 25, Psalm 40

1 response to A Talent Of Tenderness

  1. Anonymous says:

    So well said! My favorite part: “What possesion of his has he entrusted to you, specifically, to tend and increase for good? What has the Master given you, his servant, so you might multiply his blessing and cause his world to look more and more like heaven, as far as the curse is found?” Thank-you for sharing your talents and doing your part to multiply His good! You are loved!

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