Christian: We Have Some Explaining To Do

Once upon a time, when I was six, and very small, my favorite uncle sent me a pretty pink tee-shirt on which ‘KINKY KIM’ was screen-printed (with fuzzy brown letters) on the front chest.

The year was 1975. I was a little wild, a little kooky, a little crazy! I was Kinky Kim!

Dashing (Uncle) Dale also sent a yellow ringer tee to my younger brother on which he had printed ‘TRICKY RICKY’ in bright blue. I don’t’ know to what lengths he labored over the choice of adjectives, but Kinky Kim and Tricky Ricky desperately loved those custom tee-shirts, almost as much as we loved our uncle.

Obviously, words and their meanings can change over time. Had my uncle sent me a ‘KINKY KIM’ tee-shirt this year for Christmas, it would have been, quite frankly, rather alarming. But human words morph and modify from this thing to that thing because humanity is ever changing.

But God’s word, and the purpose and meaning he established for it, remains resolutely unchanged throughout every age. Neither God nor his word changes from this thing to that thing. Because He is.

One of my favorite passages in scripture is this: “Every word of God is flawless. He is a refuge to all who take refuge in him.” (Proverbs 30:5)

Every word of God, and the particular way he has chosen to say it, is flawless. And yet this established and unchanging word isn’t static; heavy; brittle; a thing of the past. God’s word is living and active. It’s light. It’s busy creating, shaping, and sustaining all things even now.

God is his word. What he speaks is always done, exactly and perfectly. And so this steadfast, secure, and life-giving Word is a refuge to all who entrust their lives to him.

This new year, anyone who wears the word ‘CHRISTIAN’ on their front chest has some explaining to do, I think. Increasingly, the word ‘Christian’ has a legion of definitions, meanings, and identities to the peoples of this world. Not everyone know what being a Christian means. What does it mean to you?

To be a Christian means knowing that we have been wrapped up securely in the living word – the refuge – of God. Is this not a great mystery?

God himself knit us together, called us by name, and breathed life into our bones through his own word. He spoke us into being for something. He birthed us into a beautiful story that he conceived, that he orchestrates, and that he will finish, flawlessly.

How, then, do I respond to being a part of God’s word in this world? Do I think about him? Look and listen for him? Obey him? Thank him? Commune with him and his people? And by him, I mean Jesus: God’s flawless and living word that is a refuge to all who would stand at the door and knock.

If you are a Christian, you have been wrapped up in Jesus. You are a part of his stunning story in the world today. So wear your identity as a follower of Christ with great joy! For our refuge is not in the wisdom or words of this world, but in the Word of God who was willing (and able) to do all that we couldn’t: Bring peace, and refuge, to man.

Peace to you and yours, and may the word of God dwell in you richly as you go.




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