All That Will Stand

One day, everything that was not been said or done in love will be burned up by fire. Nothing will stand – nothing will remain – that was not said or done in love.

There will be no Democrats or Republicans standing on that Day Of the LORD. There will be no Catholics, Baptists, or Protestants standing divided in their denominations. There will be no politicians, activists, or prophets standing ready to speak their bold words.

Who then will stand?

There will be no bloggers, philosophers, thinkers or theologians standing with their ideas; no social justice warriors standing firm with their convictions.

Who then will stand?

But there will be All Mankind together  – every nation, tribe and tongue – on their knees and faces. No one will stand, but all will confess with their lips that The God Who Is Love is worthy of eternal worship.

All Mankind together will understand on that day that only what was born and built from his love still stands. Everything else will be no more.

What did we do with our days we’ll all wonder at once? Why didn’t we spend more of ourselves on what will stand in eternity? Why didn’t we attend to this all more carefully? Why is everything around us ashes?

What can stand in God’s kingdom forever?

Only what has been offered in humble love for God and his concerns will stand. All words, if not spoken in love, will be burned up. All actions, if not done in love, will be consumed like dry grass in a wildfire.

On that day, Jesus – Love Incarnate – will address mankind one by one, “I never knew you” he will say, or “Stand up friend. Come. A feast and a room is ready for you in my house.”

We have time to prepare for this day! For God desires that none should perish. His love desires that all people would know and live in his love, for all creation to be able to stand with Him and each other in that day.

We know this is God’s desire because he gave us Jesus. Even though everything Jesus said and did was in perfect love; even though he was the only person who could stand before God; even though he was God’s only and beloved son; God’s holy justice consumed him and not us. Why?

So that we might be born into his love. So that we might be able to stand. We’ve been raised from the ashes to speak and act – to walk and talk with God and each other – in love.

Reflections for the end of a day:

1. What was done in love today, no matter how small or unnoticed?
2. What was said (or left unsaid) in humble love for God and his concerns?
3. What did I do today to better understand the God Who Is Love?

Know this. Whatever was done in love will last forever. And whatever was done in a meaningless, misused, or mean-spirited way will be burned up and live no more. (Much of our scrolling and ranting and wasted time and theatrics via social media will be burned up to ashes I think…)

God’s justice will consume everything selfish, unholy, arrogant, unforgiving, and irrelevant. Everything that was not spoken or done in love will be burned up and remembered no more.

But God’s mercy will secure everything that is good, true, lovely, honorable, peaceable and praiseworthy unto the end of time. His mercy will secure all who trust in his love.

The love of the Son has secured us for love.
The love of the Father has raised us for love.
The love of the Holy Spirit is IN us for love.

Walk and talk in that love today. And may it stand in the city of God now and forever.


3 responses to All That Will Stand

  1. friendsofsmr says:


    Trilby Devine 801-946-7081 The measure of a life after all, is not its duration but it’s donation.

    ~~~ Corrie ten Boom


  2. Patricia jensen says:

    Very powerful blog! I’ve that I’m printing plight and will read daily.

  3. Dana says:

    Thank you – this was what I needed to read today.

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