A River Runs Through Them

Is the world getting better or worse in ‘these days’? From your vantage point, do you see the light successfully pushing back the dark? Is good really overcoming evil in our world?

Or is evil growing bolder and more arrogant as the days go by? Is it gaining strength and momentum as it pursues and perverts – blatantly and out in the open – all that God loves and declares as ‘very good’?

One major temptation of social media (most media?) is that it feeds the enemy’s favorite lie that what is out there in ‘the world’ is greater and more powerful than what lives within us.

But what lives within God’s people is the same source of Light that illumines heaven, now and always.

What lives in God’s people is actively growing us, hour by hour, into the same likeness and nature of the resurrected Jesus – the faithful Son in whom the Father is eternally well pleased.

What lives in one child of God is greater than all the proud principalities and powers of hell. And that holy and humble spirit of Love – the gift of God – has the divine power to forgive sin and call out new life from the grave.

What flows through the lives of the people of God is living water – the unstoppable shalom of heaven! The trickle that began at the altar of the cross has become a deep and steady stream, flowing in every direction over all the earth, watering the weary world far as the curse is found.


For the divine Light that lives in you has the power to push back the darkness for those who are angry or afraid.

The living water that flows from you has the power to restore hope to those who languish, despairing, in their lot.

And the divine Life that you share with the crucified and risen Christ has the power to forgive sins and overcome all manner of evil in this world as long as our God gives you breath.

On earth, as it is in heaven.


2 responses to A River Runs Through Them

  1. Denise says:

    I tire of the flesh we contend with. Our flesh is our closest most formidable enemy. We love to “blame” the broken world, the work of Satan and his demons for our spiritual warfare. The truth is most of the warfare is in ourselves. Our flesh wants to justify, minimize and excuse sin. All that the Holy Spirit can and wills to do in and through us, must first have our choice to surrender to Him and to the power He longs to fill us with. “Let” is a small word with a huge potential. It is an intentional choice of who will sit on the throne of our lives.

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