Between You and Me

Me: [opening my Bible to pray the evening Psalm]

Psalm 4: “In your anger do not sin…”
Me: [angry about at least fifteen things]

Psalm 4: You seem angry.
Me: Yes. But I’m angry because THEY have sinned!

Psalm 4: OK. But this prayer is between you and me.
Me: …

Psalm 4: Let’s carry on, shall we?
Me: …

Psalm 4: “When you’re on your bed, search your own heart…”

Psalm 4: “… and be silent.”
Me: [seriously considers ending this prayer]

Me: [checks Twitter]
Me: [cleans guest bathroom]
Me: [paints entire upstairs a calming shade of grey]
Me: [builds and stains back deck]
Me: [reads War and Peace]
Me: [learns Japanese sign language]
Me: [plants and harvests a vinyard]

Psalm 4: Glad you’re back. You ok?

Me: No offense, but I much prefer Psalm 23.

Psalm 4: LOL. Let’s move along…

Psalm 4: “Offer right sacrifices and trust in the LORD…”

Psalm 4: You don’t need to shout. It means to trust God with everything that’s most important to you. It means to trust Him with your body. It means trusting God with the situations and individuals that make you angry and anxious. With the future. The present. The past. Your one-and-only life. The whole enchilada.

Me: Is that all? hahaha
Psalm 4: I’m actually not done.
Me: Sorry.

Psalm 4: [addressing me very directly and pointedly now] It means to trust me, your God, to deal rightly and justly in every situation according to my manifold mercy and infinite wisdom.

Trust me with your loved ones.
Trust me with your enemies.
Trust me with your calling and passions.
Trust me with the needs of the world.
Trust me with your mistakes, your sin, and your shame.
Trust me not to leave you or condemn you.
Trust me to make a way forward in the dark.
Trust me – your God – because you are mine.

Psalm 4: “And you will lie down and sleep in peace…”
Me: “For you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”

Psalm 4: Amen.
Me: Amen.

Shalom to you today, children of the living God. For the LORD hears when you call to him (Psalm 4) and his word to you is light, and life, and unwavering truth – now and always.


6 responses to Between You and Me

  1. Delia Hunt says:

    You are very near the place where I find myself at 80 years. I am so glad that you are here early.

    To be at rest with The One who loves the best. Each day gets better.

    Satisfied in Him Delia Sent from my iPhone


  2. Flo Wolfe says:

    Powerful. Convicting. Comforting. Thank you for pointing me to Jesus this Sunday morning.

  3. Sarah says:

    I must trust Him alone to make me dwell in safety. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder of the evening Psalm. But I’m pretty sure you just summed up a a few of my evening prayers. 🙂

  4. Captain Tact says:

    You have a gift as a writer. You’re able to define that spot we all find ourselves in, drawing us into the situation and making us realize it’s all of us.

    I felt moved almost to tears from this as I realize how much I worry every day. I felt peace, as I once again gave it all to God. Shalom, my friend. שאלוהים יברך אותך כל יום.

  5. lorimaz says:

    Good word. I love your humor…. this is so me.

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