Who Rules the School?

My daughter is a ninth-grader in a public high school in Austin, TX, and this year’s incoming freshman class weighed in at around eleven-hundred students.

Yes. That is one thousand + one hundred + freshmen. Whatever could go wrong with that many fourteen-year-olds? And yet…

The principal of our school is a righteous man determined to make his corner of God’s kingdom look and feel like Eden, like a place where both the small and great have all they need to flourish, a place where everyone is carefully accounted for, and where all things are well.

Three English teachers (at the very least) arrive at school very early every morning after grading piles of papers late into the night. Each one’s aim is to make his space in God’s kingdom look and feel more like Eden, a place where there is enough for all, where none lack glory, where words build up and nourish real life.

Before the sun rises a coach walks through a quiet corridor into a dark gym. She is God’s image in this part of his kingdom and her work each day is to multiply the generous goodness – the shalom of Eden – to all in her realm.

While the world sleeps, a janitor sweeps up the basketball locker room. As he cleans, he prays, forgiving the sins of others as he has been forgiven. And while he restores order and sets things back to right, his corner of God’s kingdom begins to look and feel increasingly like Eden.

And so every morning I pray with my daughter before she goes to school: You were made by God, dear girl, and you belong to God. Since before the world was formed, the King of heaven and earth knew he would make you in his image – a royal daughter who would share in the rule of his earthly kingdom.

So go out today knowing you are not alone. Not only does the host of heaven have your back, but the King of Creation has many sons and daughters, children ruling with their Father’s kind of righteousness, placed in every corner of his garden.

Children of God, we bear the image of the King everywhere we go. He created us to govern as he would – in righteousness and truth – over every square inch of his kingdom.

Shalom then, to you and yours, as you bring God’s generous shalom to every corner of his earthly garden-kingdom.



5 responses to Who Rules the School?

  1. Too good not to share – as a former high school English teacher, I can definitely relate. And parents should be encouraged to know that there are many, many Christian teachers in our public schools. Their representation of Christ really does make a difference.

  2. Sherry Hammett says:

    Your post could not have come at a better time.
    I live near Chattanooga where the Medical Examiner just declared the death of a nine year old boy, outside his home, a suicide.
    His mother laments she tried to get the school he attended to stop the bullying that was ongoing to her little boy. But the school is now saying they didn’t know anything about the claims.
    Nine years old. A 4th grader.

  3. Oh, my, this is so, so sad. Praying for that family and for your community. And also that the Lord uses this situation to transform / activate communication and behavior that could save lives.

  4. Kelly Ingevaldson says:

    I needed this today. Thank you for a beautiful blog post!

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Maryann Schultz says:

    That is simply beautiful, Kim. Thank you. And thank you for the reminder that we all have a small part to play in God’s kingdom.

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