Super Bowl 2020: #empowered

Several minutes into the Super Bowl halftime show, Jennifer Lopez was wrapped around a pole. Soon, her daughter, Emme, age eleven, would join her mom on the stage to share the spotlight.

You know those little roly-poly caterpillars that curl up in a tiny ball when you poke them? That was me on my sofa hoping to shut out the world I was seeing.

I am, as most of you know by now, a big fan of women. And to witness a woman; a mother, embody this kind of ’empowerment’ in front of her own daughter, a generation of daughters, and the entire watching world, well, it made me want to cry hot tears of frustration.

Because it’s not original, or fierce, or fully empowering for any woman to sexualize her body to hold court. That’s a barren vineyard that’s born nothing but bitter and poisonous wine for women since the beginning of time.

Ten Super Bowls from now, J-Lo will be sixty, very rich, and I honestly hope, genuinely happy. But even if she’s still physically flawless and in fantastic shape, it’s unlikely she’ll be invited to perform during the 2030 halftime show. Why? Because there’s an expiration date for the type of female ’empowerment’ she advances, and even she knows that not many will want to see a sexagenarian on a pole.

And so this year’s halftime show pulled back the smoke and mirrors curtain on the ultimate temptation: You only get this one life, and it’s passing you by. You need to do whatever you can to make yourself happy, set your own terms, and be your own best boss of you.

If this is true, then who’s to blame any woman who takes her physical assets and uses them for some agency and access in this life? Time is running out to carve out a piece of the power pie, daughters. A smart woman will take advantage and strike while the iron’s hot. #empowered

But those who labor in God’s vineyard can spot the lie because they’ve tasted the wine of heaven. They know this life isn’t all there is, and it’s not short. No, today is just one of the fullness of days we’ll spend working with God as part of his extended family.

The real empowerment of any woman means that she finds her true self in this life, as a daughter of a most merciful and powerful God, empowered to live and rule with him in his world from age to age.

In God’s kingdom, which has already come and will never end, women need not use their bodies in a sexual manner in order to have real agency, or access, or a future. For in God’s family, women have the kind of agency, access, and future that a king would afford his own daughter.

And so, daughters of the true and triumphant King, your words carry the weight of his righteousness until he returns. Your ‘yes’ is his yes.

You’ve been given divine authority to render judgments on earth as He would in heaven. Your ‘no’ is his no.

Shalom to you and yours. For the host of heaven has your back as you labor in his vineyard today. #empowered.


10 responses to Super Bowl 2020: #empowered

  1. Gigi says:

    Yikes! I felt the same way about the Super Bowl half-time show, especially when J Lo’s co-artist was wearing a full body covering track suit. I thought, is that what a woman has to do to get the top spot. Sigh. Head shake. Shoulder slump. I appreciate your words of wisdom and feel somewhat better. Still need to talk to my daughter about her thoughts on the “performance”. I’ll use your post to remind her of her worth in God’s eyes.

  2. Delia Hunt says:

    Dear Kim We spent several minutes in my Horseshoe Bay women’s Bible Study on this topic. We all felt as you did when exposed to very elaborate unexpected x- rated talent gone amuck. We are barely removed from the “me too” debacle which left many reeling from shame and shock. The banner of equality leaves us wondering about motives. “To be and do what?” Our women want to shower the NFL with write-ins. As grandmothers we thought sporting events to be rated “G”.( Safe for family viewing. )

    I am sending your new post to them. Perhaps it is time to do something. Th❤️nks Delia Sent from my iPhone


  3. Shawn Johnson says:

    I really respect your writings. You’ve nailed it once again!

  4. Stephanie Fuller says:

    Spot on Kim! Thanks for putting into words what I need to discuss with my daughter.

  5. Nancy Rue says:

    Kim, you said ( far more eloquently) the same thing I said on my Facebook Page, and not everyone agreed. I was called a prude, called on trying to push my religious beliefs on people (I didn’t say a word about religion in my post…) and told I was completely ignorant of Latino culture. It was an exercise in missing the point! But most people did get it, just as they have here on your blog, and that’s important. Let’s keep speaking up for women and what really gives us power. The power we already have. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes! I read this not knowing in what direction you were going. Thank you for standing by God’s word and not the world’s view.

  7. leesachesnut says:

    Thank you for these words and standing by God’s word and not the world’s view. I was amazed at how many “christian” women were standing by this behavior under the guise of empowering women. Empowering them to what? Now we can be nearly naked and dance? (Women have been doing that for years.)

  8. cheri belke says:

    Your comments were a breath of fresh air. I, too wanted to fact we turned the channel. I am upset that many Christians said nothing! So grateful to my Heavenly Father, that He treats all women with respect and dignity, because He made them. Pray for JLO and Shakira to really come to understand how much they are valued by God and no need to show what is only intended for ones spouse to the whole world.

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