Please Help Us

Our Father, who breathed divine life into every man and woman on earth – who is there like you?

Please help us. Please light our path and show us the way to go. We desperately need the mind of your Son to live in us today.

Please guard our bodies and our passions. We need the love and power of your Spirit controlling all that we do, and think, and say.

Our Father, who knows the hidden and innermost parts of all his creation – who is there like you?

Please humble us. Expose any pride in our own wisdom and holiness. Illuminate any trace of haughtiness in our attitude. Reveal any coldness, contempt, or callousness concerning neighbors who are unlike ourselves.

And please forgive us. Create in us clean hearts and send us out as your worthy vessels; overflowing with heaven’s wine; to pour out your living water on the fiery chaos of evil wherever it may be found.

Our Father, righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne – who is there like you?

Please illuminate our motives and our fears. Keep us from sin in our anger. Keep us from murdering or slandering our brother in our hearts.

And please, heal us. Comfort those who are bereft and bereaved in the way you deem best for them. Draw near to those who have lost their livelihood, their loved ones, or their faith in you, or mankind, in these last days.

Our Father, there is none like you. May your lovingkindness and truth be known to all who seek your face.

Please forgive us our many, many debts, and lead us not into temptation. And Heavenly Father, deliver us from all the snares of evil, in Christ’s name, we earnestly pray.

Shalom to you and yours today,


9 responses to Please Help Us

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer! I pray it with you.

  2. blairfarris says:

    Thank you! This is beautiful!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Bonnie Totten says:

    Do I have your permission to post this?

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