The Last Breath

“Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90

You guys, this is a foundational tenet of the Christian faith: Our days on this earth as we know it are lovingly numbered. Our conception, birth, life, and death are already determined – not by our own human wisdom – but by our Maker’s.

At some point, each of us will breathe our last breath. It might be due to Covid-19, or cardiac-arrest, or all the horrible cancers.

We might be struck by lightning or a drunk driver. We might not make it out of the anesthesia, or anorexia, addiction, or depression. The tender vessels in our brain might clot and burst when no one is home to offer any aid. Our healthy beating heart might break from sheer loneliness or loss.

We may spend our last day – our best day – in our happiest place on earth, with the people we most dearly love, only to die unexpectedly in our sleep.

So let’s reason together, and feel free to wrestle with God, as He can certainly take it. This absolute hysteria over Covid-19 is a temptation.

It’s a temptation to forget that you belong, body and soul, to a God who will never let us go in this life or the next. He knows our frame and our death day – we can’t ward it off or delay it by a single second. We can’t change what our Maker deems best for us.

So be reasonable, and wrestle, and pray. But remember that it’s not entirely up to your own wisdom to save yourself, or the human race, from an untimely death.

Jesus died. His days on earth were lovingly numbered by his Father.

Jesus rose. His body was lovingly restored by God, as yours also will be.

And Jesus will come again. Why? Because nothing in life or death can thwart the lovingkindness or intentions of our God whose purposes will be done.

Shalom to you and yours,


7 responses to The Last Breath

  1. Jenny says:

    A timely post as I keep watch at my 93 yr old mom’s bedside.

  2. Joan says:

    Thank you Kim! Beautifully said! Thank you God for your faithfulness!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Needed this so much today. A sign from God on your timing….

  4. Joanna says:

    It gives us “ peace that passes understanding.” Thank you so much. I needed to hear it.

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