Unholy Alliances

Much is unholy in our world. What can heal it? Who can make it well?

Some days it feels like the world is breaking from the inside out; the well-laid foundations of humanity shuddering under the weight of unholy alliances in the heavens and on earth. 

Will my children be swallowed up? What is to become of us? Who can turn all that is wretched and wicked into wholesome and right?

The unholy is shocking and repulsive, and our instinct is to look away in disgusted dismay for our communal souls. This instinct is correct. 

But our flinching faces must turn from the jarring ugliness of the unholy unflinchingly *to* something else. We must turn our faces from the unholy to the One who *is* altogether Holy and Beautiful and Wholesome and True.

So take heart friends, for the Joy of Heaven was swallowed up by all the unholy alliances conspiring for our bodies and souls. And Jesus put them all to shame. 

They thought they’d killed the hope of the world. They imagined they’d swallowed up the only One who could heal the world. They mocked God to their peril.

Dont be afraid of the unholy, saints. Don’t fear the arrogant powers in the heavenly places or on earth – for they are all on notice. Evil is on borrowed time and it’s holy judgment draws near.

Today let’s take up the mantle of joy and turn our faces to our resurrected King and his kingdom come. 

Let’s put on his beautiful Name.

Let’s clothe ourselves in his obedient and prayerful ways and walk… as holy sons and daughters of the true Light which rules both Heaven and earth. 

For nothing unholy has more power or might – nothing! – than the One who lives in you.

Shalom to you and yours!


5 responses to Unholy Alliances

  1. Sandra Dee says:

    I truly needed this message today. The world is becoming such a dark place it can feel overwhelming. Thank you for pointing me away from the darkness and to the incomparable light of our Lord God Almighty and our savior Jesus Christ.

  2. richmarla says:

    Love this. We shockingly watched all of about 10 minutes of the Grammy’s and saw the song “Unholy” being sung! It was shocking and sad but reminded us afresh of the need to the Gospel and that there is victory at the end! 😊

    Would love to reconnect with you now that we are actually in the same country!

    Marla Henderson
    Senior Director of Personnel
    One Challenge, Inc.

    PO Box 36900
    Colorado Springs, CO 80936-9900 USA
    office +1 (719) 592-9292
    cell +1 (719) 719-654-5390

  3. Susie says:

    Thank you Kim. It’s been a while. The world seems to get darker and more unholy by the minute. Has it always been this way? Reading OT this year and it was prevalent there too. Jesus is the only way to the Light. Love knowing if we turn away then we turn TO HIM.

  4. bsgoodrep says:

    Thank you for that reminder and encouragement this morning! I Pet. 1:6-7

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