About Kim

Kim Hall lives and works in Austin, Texas.

She grew up in Zimbabwe and graduated from Wheaton College, IL. Her first job was with the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes as the Director of Women’s Ministry in Chicago, and her first career was as head coach for NC State Volleyball in Raleigh, NC.

On moving to Texas, Kim established All About Athlete, Inc., a team coaching/fitness company. Soon afterward she began to write for Given Breath.

Kim currently works at All Saints PCA as a teacher of God’s word and a minister to women. She hopes to finish her Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Regent College before she dies and goes to heaven.

Kim is married to David, and has four children: Luke (25), Chase (shown, 22), Titus (20) and Colvin Evers ‘Cece’ (16).

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5 responses to About Kim

  1. Dear Kim: What a powerful post this is and after reading it, I thanked God for placing you in K’s path. What a tough road she is walking, but her resilient spirit shows through her actions. I am adding her (and you) to my prayer list. Look forward to reading more. I’m also sharing this on our Brandon Christian Writers page.

  2. Staci noyes says:

    Kim, I remember reading a letter you wrote to your son about girls, specifically forward girls. I thought I saved it, but cannot find it when I need it. Of course. I wonder if you can access it and send me a copy.
    Thank you for your ministry,
    Staci Noyes

  3. Given Breath says:

    Hi Staci,

    I no longer have access to that post – I’m so sorry. It was inviting too much hate to the site (and to my family). I’m sure it’s still floating around the internet? “FYI: If you’re a teenage girl.”

    Peace to you and yours!

  4. Staci noyes says:

    I found it and shared your letter on fb. Thanks for the info. Perhaps it’ll get a whole new life. I can’t believe such a firestorm happened over your post–ok, actually I can. We live in America. But, obviously, your post that I read 3 or 4 years ago stuck with me so much that I remembered it when I needed it.
    Blessings to you and your fam. I have 3 boys and a beautiful daughter as well. It’s worth the fight. Keep it up.
    Staci Noyes

  5. Hi Kim,

    Found your blog as I was looking for some new challenging, faith-based encouragement. I love your writing style and look forward to browsing the archives, as well as future posts! Thanks for writing.


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