Certain Worthless Men

But be careful, Moses said, because when you settle in, there will be “certain worthless men” who will slither into your cities and seduce you into having an affair with the local gods and goddesses who still remain in the land (Deuteronomy 13:12-18).Read more


Belly On Up to the Table

There’s a lot of weird stuff in the Bible. There are things one can’t explain, events that disturb, and stories that leave the reader with far more questions than answers. So how are we to make sense of all the odd and embarrassing stuff we encounter in the Bible, and then what are we to do with it? The first thing –  and this might seem terribly obvious – is to remember that the Bible was written to a particularRead more

Precious Smelly Things

I didn’t care how badly they smelled, or how many people thought I had medical-grade flatulence, or if kids held their freckled noses and pointed at me. No, nothing could persuade me to abandon my mission of reheated sprouts the next day. If I was going in, then they were coming with me.Read more