Unholy Alliances

Much is unholy in our world. What can heal it? Who can make it well? Some days it feels like the world is breaking from the inside out; the well-laid foundations of humanity shuddering under the weight of unholy alliances in the heavens and on earth.  Will my children be swallowed up? What is to become of us? Who can turn all that is wretched and wicked into wholesome and right? The unholy is shocking and repulsive, and our instinctRead more

Designed For Life

Of all the current-event pieces I read, the most heartbreaking are the stories of young people who are in the real-time and painful process of ‘de-transitioning’. What does it mean for a young person to ‘transition’? It means that adults have agreed to help a boy or girl medically attempt to take on the physical traits of the opposite sex by artificially manipulating and/or mutilating his or her still maturing body. Toward this end, a physician might prescribe hormones toRead more

Bitter for Sweet

Many years ago I coached a women’s athletic team. During that time there was much ado about Title IX, the federal law requiring female athletes be afforded the same opportunities as their male counterparts. For many university programs, coming into compliance with Title IX meant some men’s sports were downsized in order to expand women’s scholarships, facilities, and funding. But the new-ish law of the land was clear: All athletic departments would be accountable for creating and maintaining a levelRead more

“Nah, I think I’m Good.”

How can God send good people to hell? Have you ever been asked this question in good faith? How did you respond? Did your answer satisfy the questioner? Did it satisfy you? Did it offer any light to the path that leads to the heart of God? This is the path to God’s heart: God desires that none should perish. That not one be lost. It’s the longing of God’s heart that every son or daughter he’s fathered into beingRead more

The First Dance

The first time dancing is mentioned in the Bible is in Exodus 15. Do you remember the reason for the mention? It was a victory dance.  In Exodus 15 the Hebrew women picked up their tambourines and began to sing and dance. Why? Because the house of Egypt lay in chaotic ruins on the other side of the sea. Yesterday the children of these women had been the property of the Egyptian gods, but today they were all free. TheirRead more

Quotidian Mission

I was walking the dog on the greenbelt trail and a woman caught my eye and waved me over. She’d met my teenage daughter the day before – they’d enjoyed a conversation while the dog swam – and she wanted me to know how much she’d enjoyed the company of both. After some pleasantries I turned to go. “What I didn’t tell your daughter” she said quietly, is that my life is very hard right now…” I waited. I askedRead more

Pray For Light

Not long ago I was invited to an event and ushered to my seat at a dinner table. My place at the table was next to two women who loved each other very much. Both were curious, charming, well-read, and remarkably competent in their respective fields of work. One had been raised, fairly happily, in a Christian home and the other was actively searching for truth wherever that might lead her. The couple hoped to get married and were currentlyRead more