Something Good and Something Better

Sometimes, we need to set aside something really good to enjoy something better. She lays down her interior design dreams to help him finish his degree. He stays home with the boys so she can pursue her calling. They don’t take a vacation for years to save up for an adopted child. They remain celibate until the wedding vows. As Christians, there are also certain times of the church year set apart to take inventory of our hearts and habits. AreRead more

“Love and Longing”

Last night, we stretched our hands out around the table and asked God for help.  Four needy children and one selfish mother, all of us rude, asking for God to come to us, and make us right again. David, the man who patiently lays down his life for his family and friends, was not with us.  He was back again to an empty farmhouse with bare floors and bookshelves, enjoying no breathy kisses from a sleepy girl-child, or boistrous story-telling fromRead more

First and Last Thoughts (while you wait)

Greetings from Texas! How does this first Wednesday of Advent find you, wherever you are? Let all that I am wait quietly before God.   What were your last thoughts before sleep last night? But surely my hope is in the LORD. What were your first thoughts this morning? God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at the break of day.  What, honestly, has occupied most of your attention and mental space this morning? Your graceRead more