No mirrors in sight…

One of the many reasons I love coaching outdoors is because there are no mirrors or bathroom scales available.  There are breezes and birds, sunshine, people – yes – but no mirrors in sight.  For one hour a day, the athlete is free from the reminder that their body is less than absolutely beautiful. Did you know that 80% of females would say they hate looking in the mirror?  Even so, the average woman pauses to look in a mirror over twentyRead more

Run the Sun

The mudroom thermometer reads 99 at 9:00am. The mercury will inch to 105 today, and I am ever-so-reluctantly slumping out the door for a four-mile run.  I wish I was doing something else.  Anything, really.  Melting SPF 50 is already stinging my eyes, and the moisture-wicking top I paid too much for is damp and sticking unattractively to my belly.  I’m still in my kitchen. I’ve never felt less like running.  There are a few people in this world whoRead more