Finding Your Brave

There is a type of language that resonates with athletes, and those who are not easily daunted. It is a language for both optimists and realists; replete with words that champion perseverance in spite of difficulty. As an athlete, and as a coach who loves words, I never tire of communicating in this genre. It sounds like this: “Do the next good thing.” “When your legs are tired, use your arms.” “Of course it’s hard!” “Look how far you’ve come!” “YouRead more

You can’t wish ’em away and you can’t buy ’em off…

There’s an old gospel spiritual that’s been playing a loop in my head over the last week. You don’t have to move that mountain;  just help me Lord to climb it. You don’t have to move that stumbling block;  just show me the way around it. Mountains and stumbling blocks.  You can’t wish them away and you can’t buy them off. The effort required to scale an emotional or physical mountain seems so immense at the base.  I physically wiltRead more