“age – schmage”

“Go regular.”  This is Miss Jo’s advice to anyone who asks how she stays so fit. Miss Jo is eighty-six; exactly twice my age – with exactly twice my energy. “You gotta go regular.” she explains.  “Some people think two or three times a week is enough, but you really need to do something every day.” Sunny Miss Jo and I are sitting on the shady back deck talking about exercise.  She “goes regular” to the gym, whether she feelsRead more

Turn your mutterings to miles…

Speaking of rear-ends… This spring has handed me with the biggest case of bleacher butt I’ve ever known. As you may or may not know, I have four kids, each participating in one spring sport each.  It just so happens that due to our move to southern Maryland, all three boys now play lacrosse in Anne Arundel County, which just so happens to be the most highly recruited district for collegiate lacrosse in the USA.  How lucky are we? It’sRead more