“I’ll have what she’s having.” 

What person(s) would you want to be more like? What is it about them that is so attractive to you? Is it their wisdom, or joy? Are they especially tender or gentle? Do they have a lightness about them? Is their first instinct to sow peace? Are they courageous? Do they love the unlovely? Do they live life brimming over with hope, or are they richly rooted in faith? What do they radiate?  What do they have that you want? IRead more

A String of Pearls

Be the person you want your child to be. We all know what a good parent acts like, what she sounds like, even if we didn’t have one. Let’s act and speak like that. We want our children to use their words to build others up. How then do we need to speak? It’s important that they are truthful, always, and full of grace. How then do we live? We hope our children will see those who feel invisible, and that theirRead more

What’s your first instinct?

When you hear or read the word righteous, what’s your first gut feeling? Holier-than-thou?  Hypocrite?  Fake? It’s amazing how this word has taken on a negative connotation for most of us, isn’t it? None of us wants our friends to think we are acting too righteous or anything. It is true that being self-righteous is horrible, marked by a constant craving to be seen and to be right.  It is my very worst self.  But, the truly righteous desire to always thinkRead more