The Sacred and the Same

No wave is the same, No cloud another’s twin. Suddenly, I am a maritime meteorologist! “In case you were wondering, folks, low tide will be at 2:12pm.” “Did everyone see the GLORIOUS sunrise this morning?” The sea is wild-eyed today, all froth and chop and loud adolescent. Yesterday, it was purple glass. ‘Lake Atlantic conditions’ says the scoffing on-line surf report. Oh, I love the sacred sameness that is here. Our annual family sabbath-at-the-sea for twenty years. Beauty poured outRead more

“I’ll have what she’s having.” 

What person(s) would you want to be more like? What is it about them that is so attractive to you? Is it their wisdom, or joy? Are they especially tender or gentle? Do they have a lightness about them? Is their first instinct to sow peace? Are they courageous? Do they love the unlovely? Do they live life brimming over with hope, or are they richly rooted in faith? What do they radiate?  What do they have that you want? IRead more

No strings attached

What do you love about yourself? If you ever want to immediately silence a room, or have every speck of lint picked off the carpet, pose that question – as I did – to a group of women sitting on the living room floor. What is it about yourself that you really, really like? A minute passes by awkwardly. They might not know what it is about themselves that they love, but I get the feeling they really don’t prefer me right now. HowRead more

No mirrors in sight…

One of the many reasons I love coaching outdoors is because there are no mirrors or bathroom scales available.  There are breezes and birds, sunshine, people – yes – but no mirrors in sight.  For one hour a day, the athlete is free from the reminder that their body is less than absolutely beautiful. Did you know that 80% of females would say they hate looking in the mirror?  Even so, the average woman pauses to look in a mirror over twentyRead more

Junk in the trunk?

This is what greets me in the locker room this morning at the gym. REALLY??? On good days I can laugh at the silliness of all these periodicals.  Who could ever take it seriously, right?  It’s outrageous what they think we’ll fall for?  Right?  Right?!?!? But on days like today, I just get royally peeved.  Please remember that I grew up in Zimbabwe, which is a former British colony, so peeved is fairly serious. What is this piece of journalistic garbageRead more