“Thoughts on Muffin Tops and Muumuus”

Summer is almost here. Can I hear an “Amen!”? I love everything about summertime, except that inevitable afternoon when I’ll have no choice but to pull down the blue Tupperware storage bin, and cringe through past seasons of stretched-out and see-through bathing suits. How is it that the seat of every swimsuit suffers pill-balls and snags? Worse, the realization that I actually wore those sad and saggy bottoms poolside and dockside – in plain view of other humans – isRead more

A weight problem or a hate problem?

“Have you ever had a weight problem?” she asked me. I’ve just encountered a woman half a generation older than I, radiating sunny vibes to every corner of the kitchen.  She is light in spirit, curious, and lively.  Turns out she has lost seventy pounds in the last year.  At first meeting she seems weightless and rooted; everything about her is open. If there is one thing I recognize in those who are free, it is this ease and lightnessRead more

Junk in the trunk?

This is what greets me in the locker room this morning at the gym. REALLY??? On good days I can laugh at the silliness of all these periodicals.  Who could ever take it seriously, right?  It’s outrageous what they think we’ll fall for?  Right?  Right?!?!? But on days like today, I just get royally peeved.  Please remember that I grew up in Zimbabwe, which is a former British colony, so peeved is fairly serious. What is this piece of journalistic garbageRead more