Shake your tail feathers, if you have them.

This is what the rear of a hen looks like. You don’t really think of a hen’s rear too often until your gaze falls upon an unfortunate hen whose rear-end looks like this… Poor thing.  Doesn’t she look a little embarrassed? A few days ago I found myself sprinting down the holey hill behind our house.  I was wielding a wooden tray full of crudites, a gift from my all-afternoon-grouchy daughter whose little repentant hands had arranged sliced cucumbers, peppers,Read more

The million dollar egg

Some of the local farm residents have been gettin’ busy. Our first, little brown egg was delivered (via a very surprised hen) on Christmas Day.  A new car sitting in the driveway with a bow on top could not have made the Hall family any giddier.  And, trust me, this family of six that is currently squishing and arranging body parts into a Honda sedan that seats only four-and-a-half, could get really excited over a car-with-a-bow right now. My very specialRead more