Who’s The Interruption?

“Oh dear…ahhhh…um…very sorry…but….argh!…can you just hold on a minute?” In high-school, I remember taking some twisted pleasure in watching my father navigate the newfangled technology that was call-waiting. If dad was on the phone, and another call beeped in, he would get a rash from the unnecessary rudeness of it all. He considered the alert of an incoming call to be a personal affront. “I’m so sorry…” he would fluster into the phone, all huffy and bothered, “…but someone elseRead more

Is There Any Divine In Hurry? (if you rush)

“I thank you for letting me guide you this morning” she says gently at 8:59am. “The divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you. Namaste.” I am lying in a puddle of my own sweat, eyes stinging from salt and tears that are threatening to spill over and join the river of steamy wet on the floor. At 8:01am, I had sprinted across the parking lot wailing “Wait! ¬†Hold the door! I’m comiiiiiing!” Breathless, huffing and puffing withRead more