Did it just get a little warmer in here?

He’s not a slight or spry fellow, by any means, and he’s sweating profusely. Hat askew, crumpled, and breathing hard from his sprint to the gate, Milt from PA stumbles down the aisle, catches my gaze, and pleasantly folds his very large frame into the middle seat for our three-and-a-half hour flight to Austin. It’s weird, but something in my heart shifts, as if to ready itself. It’s just a few minutes after take-off before Milt from PA is unapologeticallyRead more

Are We More Spiritual Than God?

I was asked this week about the Hunger Games. Did I read the book? Did my boys? Would I allow them to see the movie? My friend was wrestling hard. She had been given a verbal smack-down by a peer for allowing her young teens to read the books. How could she? She was feeling irresponsible and low – flailing in a pool of parental guilt. Full of empathy and understanding, I started to laugh. Why is it easier toRead more

Christmas Mourning?

My thirteen-year-old son (who has never won a spelling bee, please note) has the words “Christmas Mourning” written in bold letters, circled and hi-lited wildly on his December school calendar. He is at the most tender, wonderful, happy age – old enough to understand and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas and young enough to be hi-lighter-yellow EXCITED for all that he knows is in store in the next few weeks.   He is also old enough to know howRead more