Shake your tail feathers, if you have them.

This is what the rear of a hen looks like. You don’t really think of a hen’s rear too often until your gaze falls upon an unfortunate hen whose rear-end looks like this… Poor thing.  Doesn’t she look a little embarrassed? A few days ago I found myself sprinting down the holey hill behind our house.  I was wielding a wooden tray full of crudites, a gift from my all-afternoon-grouchy daughter whose little repentant hands had arranged sliced cucumbers, peppers,Read more

A wrecked manicure…

“Oh dear.  She’s really let herself go.” None of us wants to be that person, our vitality and beauty so notably absent that we become the subject of shushed and sad post-reunion conversations. As you may know, I currently live in a house that has, for lack of a nicer description, fallen into disrepair.  Over the past several years, untamed roots and vines have devoured wood, brick and mortar.  Brambles have been busy choking the farm’s gracious beauty, hogging all the light and suffocatingRead more

Chicken Quartet?

The time is precisely 4:10am. “This is terrible.” I hear David mutter and I think he’s talking in his sleep.  He gets out of bed, paces around a little. Before he shuts the creaky farm windows,  I am privileged to hear it, too. A rooster is crowing.  The sound is not unlike an enthusiastic, sixth-grade trumpet player who’s just been given permission to blow into his instrument for the first time. The very, very bad brass solo is coming fromRead more