Finding Your Brave

There is a type of language that resonates with athletes, and those who are not easily daunted. It is a language for both optimists and realists; replete with words that champion perseverance in spite of difficulty. As an athlete, and as a coach who loves words, I never tire of communicating in this genre. It sounds like this: “Do the next good thing.” “When your legs are tired, use your arms.” “Of course it’s hard!” “Look how far you’ve come!” “YouRead more

“What’s stealing your joy?”

At age twenty-six, I was hired, miraculously, as the head women’s volleyball coach at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.  During the interview, the Athletic Director asked repeatedly if I knew what I was getting into (I didn’t).  Would I really be able to handle  the many facets of a head coach position as I had exactly, uh, no experience in high-level Division I coaching? “What, Mr. Athletic Director?! Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a seasoned twenty-six-year-old?  I’ve lived longRead more