Finding the Root (if you fear)

What fear prowls around in your mind today? What stalks your hope and devours your joy? What slithers – unbidden – through your thoughts and dreams? What do you most fear? Sit with me for a minute. When did you first start to fear? “I think I began to fear when _______________.” What is at the root of your fear today do you think? “If I am honest, the root of my fear is ____________.” Fear reduces and dims.  Where has fearRead more

You’re sending us where??

Let’s not be so skittish, sheep. No need to huddle up and wring our hands. Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Our Good Shepherd has told us – in terms even a rather slow sheep could understand – that he is sending us straight into a den of wolves. Did I just wet myself, or was that you? And what, exactly, are we given to armRead more

Can You Feel the Lion Prowling?

It’s tough to be a young person in this culture. It seems as if society is bent on waging a war against it’s offspring, doesn’t it? Every path a youth travels seems fraught with land mines and ambushes ready to do long-term harm. Why is that, do you think? Anyone….? Anyone…..? You have to wonder why any culture would want to wound or ensnare their own sons and daughters? Or – if that’s too dramatic for you this early inRead more