No mirrors in sight…

One of the many reasons I love coaching outdoors is because there are no mirrors or bathroom scales available.  There are breezes and birds, sunshine, people – yes – but no mirrors in sight.  For one hour a day, the athlete is free from the reminder that their body is less than absolutely beautiful. Did you know that 80% of females would say they hate looking in the mirror?  Even so, the average woman pauses to look in a mirror over twentyRead more

“age – schmage”

“Go regular.”  This is Miss Jo’s advice to anyone who asks how she stays so fit. Miss Jo is eighty-six; exactly twice my age – with exactly twice my energy. “You gotta go regular.” she explains.  “Some people think two or three times a week is enough, but you really need to do something every day.” Sunny Miss Jo and I are sitting on the shady back deck talking about exercise.  She “goes regular” to the gym, whether she feelsRead more

One hundred and one excellent excuses

(Repost from September, 2011). It’s been three months since I’ve last worked out. Over one hundred days since I’ve laced up the running shoes and hit the road, trails or downward dogged on a yoga mat.  For those of you who know me, and what I do for fun and work, you may now bring your bottom jaw back up to its full, upright and locked position. “Wow! So how’s that workin’ out for ya’?” I hear you ask politely.Read more

Run the Sun

The mudroom thermometer reads 99 at 9:00am. The mercury will inch to 105 today, and I am ever-so-reluctantly slumping out the door for a four-mile run.  I wish I was doing something else.  Anything, really.  Melting SPF 50 is already stinging my eyes, and the moisture-wicking top I paid too much for is damp and sticking unattractively to my belly.  I’m still in my kitchen. I’ve never felt less like running.  There are a few people in this world whoRead more

Turn your mutterings to miles…

Speaking of rear-ends… This spring has handed me with the biggest case of bleacher butt I’ve ever known. As you may or may not know, I have four kids, each participating in one spring sport each.  It just so happens that due to our move to southern Maryland, all three boys now play lacrosse in Anne Arundel County, which just so happens to be the most highly recruited district for collegiate lacrosse in the USA.  How lucky are we? It’sRead more

Junk in the trunk?

This is what greets me in the locker room this morning at the gym. REALLY??? On good days I can laugh at the silliness of all these periodicals.  Who could ever take it seriously, right?  It’s outrageous what they think we’ll fall for?  Right?  Right?!?!? But on days like today, I just get royally peeved.  Please remember that I grew up in Zimbabwe, which is a former British colony, so peeved is fairly serious. What is this piece of journalistic garbageRead more

No Fresh Figs!

I checked my phone as the plane taxied to the terminal in Austin. “There are NO FRESH FIGS IN AUSTIN!  I’ve tried three stores and calling a fourth one now!” said one text. “What’s a leek?  Help!  I’ve never bought a leek and I’m stalking the produce man!” read another. Oh dear.  Big note to self. Asking busy, working women and mothers to run around town chasing down a shallot or pomegranates on a Friday afternoon is not the best wayRead more

Why are you yelling? (Part 1)

“We do things a little differently here,” he points out in his outside voice.  Have you ever heard of plyometrics?” I hesitate to answer.  Not because I’ve been performing or coaching some type of plyometric training for…oh…twenty-five years or so, but because I am trying to get my bearings.  I’ve not been on the receiving end of a fitness evaluation in a long time. The earnest and very prepared fitness and sales director is on a roll.  He is enthusiastic, with soRead more