“Nineteen ways to be amazing, and counting…”

Friendship has been on my mind lately. Specifically, “What does it look like to be a friend?” Much of my life I’ve hoped to do amazing things for God.  By this I mean, I’ve readied myself to do amazing things in amazing ways: all with God’s help (of course).  Please note the emphasis on my amazing amazing-ness, and quite a bit less-so on Gods’ help. I’ve been willing to be an ambassador for God’s kingdom, to be compelling and courageous, toRead more

People Beets

I have an affinity for beets. Humble on the outside, they are an epicurean beauty queen once you get to second base. When you take the time to scrub away the grit and remove the old-man strands of hair (that by the way are no more attractive on the chin of a beet as they are an old man), you truly have a vegetable deserving of a tiara. Who would ever think that such a stunning natural beauty could ever lieRead more

The Ella LOVE Experiment

On February 1, 2011, I received an anonymous note informing me that for that whole month, I was going to be showered with love. Just because. True enough, for the whole month of February, I would walk out to my back patio each morning and discover a carefully wrapped gift waiting for me. Imagine!  A whole month! Even as I write this, I look around and see some of those gifts displayed about the farmhouse.  We didn’t bring many personalRead more