Will This Be What Hell Is Like, I Wonder?

She is taking forever, and I am about to scream: how long does it take a soul to examine a head of purple cabbage? My impatience bores blackly into the back of her head. It bugs me that she is wearing a wide-brimmed hat. 1) We are safely indoors. 2) The huge brim takes up an unfair amount of public shopping space. 3) The hat radiates a mysterious ‘I-can-examine-vegetables-as-long-as-I wish’ force-field that makes everyone in the produce section uneasy. Like anRead more

“I Can’t Believe In That.”

“I just can’t believe in a God that sends people to hell.” she said. It makes me sad to see God so misunderstood, but I hear it often as a reason for why people reject God, the church, and the entire Christian faith. Friends, God does not send anyone to hell. In fact, the gates to heaven stand wide open for any soul that can stand it. But the plain fact is that there are some people who just can’t standRead more

You are now free to move around the world and shine…

“What would it look like if all the goodness went away?” This is how I try to explain hell to my kids.   Yes, it’s true, the light-hearted conversation never ceases ’round the Hall family table. What violence and terror would boldly stalk the earth if all good vanished?  How cold it would be, without a shred of kindness.  Who could you trust, with not one righteous?  Could there be any refuge, if compassion was absent?  How long would it takeRead more