Who’s The Interruption?

“Oh dear…ahhhh…um…very sorry…but….argh!…can you just hold on a minute?” In high-school, I remember taking some twisted pleasure in watching my father navigate the newfangled technology that was call-waiting. If dad was on the phone, and another call beeped in, he would get a rash from the unnecessary rudeness of it all. He considered the alert of an incoming call to be a personal affront. “I’m so sorry…” he would fluster into the phone, all huffy and bothered, “…but someone elseRead more

It’s not about the sherry, is it?

I am going to ask you all to do something that might make some of you really excited, and will make some of you want to curse out loud. Ready? In October, I’d like each one of us to host a block party. “Yippee! How fun!” yell exactly half of you. The remaining half are now breaking out in red splotches, and wondering “What the….?  Why, why, why am I still reading?”  OK. Let’s all calm down and consider what mightRead more