How could they?

How could they? How could they starve and gas six-million Jews? How could they rape innocent girls walking home from school, and kill wide-eyed children in front of numb mothers? How could they? How could they sell poor men like animals, and buy powerless women like meat? How could they ravish the virgin, once, twice, a hundred times and then leave her crumpled on the street, forever to feel like garbage? How could they? How could they reach into the warmthRead more

“What’s stealing your joy?”

At age twenty-six, I was hired, miraculously, as the head women’s volleyball coach at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.  During the interview, the Athletic Director asked repeatedly if I knew what I was getting into (I didn’t).  Would I really be able to handle  the many facets of a head coach position as I had exactly, uh, no experience in high-level Division I coaching? “What, Mr. Athletic Director?! Haven’t I mentioned that I’m a seasoned twenty-six-year-old?  I’ve lived longRead more

Above All: Guard Your Heart

We are walking and talking on a sunny trail, wrestling out loud with our first-world problems.  First-world problems are those that arise in places like Austin, where there is plenty of food in the pantry, clear water flows freely from the shower, and there are three first-class hospitals within ten miles. Our problems seem petty in comparison to the despair in much of the world, but they are our problems all the same.  A heart that is dead, or numb,Read more

Are We More Spiritual Than God?

I was asked this week about the Hunger Games. Did I read the book? Did my boys? Would I allow them to see the movie? My friend was wrestling hard. She had been given a verbal smack-down by a peer for allowing her young teens to read the books. How could she? She was feeling irresponsible and low – flailing in a pool of parental guilt. Full of empathy and understanding, I started to laugh. Why is it easier toRead more

What would you count as a loss?

A year from now, after all you are certain to face, what would you count as a win?  More importantly, after all the energies you are bound to expend in the upcoming year, what would you consider a loss?   I posed this question to a roomful of women at a recent retreat.  We were identifying the  current battles women fight on every front regarding fitness, food and the ever-more-difficult effort required to be fabulous every waking minute. The she-soldiers were aRead more

Dead Men Tell No Tales

“Dead men tell no tales.”  It’s the creed of good pirates everywhere. Celebrating a 7-year-old’s birthday this weekend, we stepped aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean boat-ride at Disney World.  DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES was scrawled on dungeon walls (in blood?  Ooh!) and whispered ominously over the speakers.  We rode slowly through caves of lust and loot and observed the bawdy behavior of 1970’s, wildly politically incorrect pirates.  I wondered how much my kids were taking in? Behind “It’s ARead more