I Think You Might Have A Problem

“If you are in conflict with more than one person, it’s likely you are the problem.” Isn’t it mysterious that through much of this communal life, this wisdom is obvious to everyone but us? Indeed, if I am at odds with more than one person at any given time, the most common denominator in the relational strain is probably me! This is something to consider during Lent. If I am chronically annoyed or hurt by particular friends or co-workers, theRead more

Who really brings it?

This is the first year I have ever really observed Lent. By observed, I mean that I’ve been asking more directly and plainly for God to show me how and where I fail to love. So how’s that going, you might wonder? Be careful what you pray for, friends.  Exactly how many more days until Easter? I’ve been particularly asking that the LORD who loves me would reveal blind-spots; the areas of sin hidden out of plain sight.  Can GodRead more

Lent. It’s not for the sentimental.

What are you giving up? We are about to enter the season of Lent, which is the period of time all of us should be gearing up to abstain from chocolate for forty days, right? You are all planning to do that, I hope? For those of you who might be less spiritually mature, and still plan to eat your 70% dark chocolate with sea salt, I hope you are at the very least making plans to give up some of the slightly lesser sinsRead more