Sixteen or Sixty: Thoughts on Love

“What’s the purpose of marriage?” I asked a murmuration of teenage starlings. “Why would anyone want to get married these days?” Predicting where a conversation might go with a flock of high-school women usually looks and feels like this to me: “What’s the main goal of marriage, in your opinion?” I repeated as they settled into their formations. “You might marry one day, or you might not, but despite what happens to you personally, is there any substantial benefit to the world because marriageRead more

A Good Dad

I was very stupid at nineteen. I was also widly self-absorbed, which, when stirred into stupid made for an unfortunate personality cocktail. In those days, my narcissistic worldview was matched by a less-than-endearing attitude that I was always on point about exactly everything. No one could tell me a thing I hadn’t thought of first. In fact, I was allergic to reasonableness, details, rules, and every kind of follow through. I was also annoyed by every little thing you did. They saidRead more

That Kind of Woman (if you want to be a better wife)

“The best way to run faster… is to run faster.” I’m sure I said this at some point every speed workout during the last decade.  How annoying if you happened to be present at every one.  I’m really sorry ’bout that, but I can’t promise I won’t say it again at the next one. Because it’s true. I can’t tell you how many athletes I’ve had the opportunity to coach, who somehow think that they can run a faster timeRead more