Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In (Part 2)

So then, what are some practices that will help prepare our sons and daughters to be a breath of fresh air in their online spaces? One way to not be especially helpful is to frequently announce: “I just don’t see the point. Who has the time for social media?!” It’s difficult to encourage our kids to edify and influence social media if we assume this posture. Because to THEM there clearly is a point! Our sons and daughters see value in spending timeRead more

Feel Free to Invite Yourselves In

Every now and then, David or I will sit down with one of our kids and ask to scroll through their social media feed. They love these special times just as much as you can imagine they would. Even with the consistently less-than-enthusiastic welcome, while our children are still under our care we will continue to drop in and invite ourselves into their on-line spaces. We do this because we really enjoy eighth-grade humor and have tons of extra time. Kidding.Read more

We Just Don’t Know

Our kids have walked the halls of our neighborhood’s elementary, middle, and high-schools for the past thirteen years. Today, with the oldest out of the nest and into his first year of university, you’d think we’d have all the schooling philosophy fairly worked out. And you’d be a reasonable person to expect that – because at some point after four kids and twenty-three years of marriage, it must all come together, right? There has to be some wisdom/peace pay-off for the angst! Surely, aRead more

A Good Dad

I was very stupid at nineteen. I was also widly self-absorbed, which, when stirred into stupid made for an unfortunate personality cocktail. In those days, my narcissistic worldview was matched by a less-than-endearing attitude that I was always on point about exactly everything. No one could tell me a thing I hadn’t thought of first. In fact, I was allergic to reasonableness, details, rules, and every kind of follow through. I was also annoyed by every little thing you did. They saidRead more

Finding the Root (if you fear)

What fear prowls around in your mind today? What stalks your hope and devours your joy? What slithers – unbidden – through your thoughts and dreams? What do you most fear? Sit with me for a minute. When did you first start to fear? “I think I began to fear when _______________.” What is at the root of your fear today do you think? “If I am honest, the root of my fear is ____________.” Fear reduces and dims.  Where has fearRead more

A String of Pearls

Be the person you want your child to be. We all know what a good parent acts like, what she sounds like, even if we didn’t have one. Let’s act and speak like that. We want our children to use their words to build others up. How then do we need to speak? It’s important that they are truthful, always, and full of grace. How then do we live? We hope our children will see those who feel invisible, and that theirRead more

Can You Feel the Lion Prowling?

It’s tough to be a young person in this culture. It seems as if society is bent on waging a war against it’s offspring, doesn’t it? Every path a youth travels seems fraught with land mines and ambushes ready to do long-term harm. Why is that, do you think? Anyone….? Anyone…..? You have to wonder why any culture would want to wound or ensnare their own sons and daughters? Or – if that’s too dramatic for you this early inRead more

Is There Any Divine In Hurry? (if you rush)

“I thank you for letting me guide you this morning” she says gently at 8:59am. “The divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you. Namaste.” I am lying in a puddle of my own sweat, eyes stinging from salt and tears that are threatening to spill over and join the river of steamy wet on the floor. At 8:01am, I had sprinted across the parking lot wailing “Wait!  Hold the door! I’m comiiiiiing!” Breathless, huffing and puffing withRead more

How To Rule The World (if you love lists)

For those of you who know me a little, you will understand how much I despise lists.  This frustrates and befuddles friends and loved ones, because it’s plain I could genuinely benefit from some rudimentary skills in this area. Intellectually, I get it.  I appreciate and admire all you note-jotters and proficient list-keepers who carry me along with your well-designed day and informed plans.  You amaze me with all you can check off in a morning, and with such speed! Read more